Snow Plog

I sat, not exactly dejected but feeling just a bit lonely.

My youngest offspring danced from foot to foot. The bus door opened and without so much as a how-do-you-do, my novel disappeared in the big yellow cheese. At least the bus driver – my editor offered a wave as the impatient diesel chuffed smoke. Camelot Games disappeared into the publisher’s meatgrinder. No feather floated and no wonderful sound-score played. Had I raised the baby-book correctly? I could only hope because frankly my part is done.


Now the real work begins – Marketing. With acknowledgements to Sarah Green’s December 9th article and some HubSpot research, I’ll address a tired old soldier from the Cyber world – The Blog. It’s too soon to say we can market without this guy, because so far, we don’t have a replacement. (We’ll talk Podcasts in a follow-on article.)

Sarah cites a stat saying the majority of marketers consider blog creation their top priority. And yet, less than 30% of consumers agree they look forward to a blog’s next offering. Of course, you’re reading this though, aren’t you? And, I thank you for that. If I don’t keep your interest, I’ll expect you to hit the back button, no matter what.

One expert says five hundred words is the minimum for good SEOs. Filler isn’t welcomed. The content needs to be good; and pleasingly organized, i.e. nice paragraphs, reasonable grammar and organization, enough pictures to keep the flow going, and pertinent references with hyperlinks that work.

Concerning the later? Don’t send your audience to someone that will simply blow you out of the water, like a YouTube with Salena Gomez. The reader just might forget just how they got there, and start surfing the ADHD sites … like me. I like James Clear and Kristen Lamb, and frankly I get a chuckle out of Roland Hughes. I read them to the end, then go back and check out the hyperlinks. The question is, why aren’t these three super-bloggers followed by the entire planet?

The answer lies in a mix of our attention span and rocketing technology. So much information, so little time. The real challenge remains create an entertaining and meaningful product that keeps readers coming back for more.

Let’s address Balderdash. Consider the blogger with an eye on the clock. The editor wants this or that; I hear the ballgame on the sixty-inch, and that damn lawn needs attention.

But I’ve got to crank out a blog. Ever happen to you?

If so, it’s better to wait until inspiration strikes. Watch the game for twenty minutes, rake just one or two piles and go for a jog. When you get back, all that blood in the brain will force you back to your computer. It’s inevitable. Besides, the Saints are going to blow it, anyway.

Enter the podcast. If you believe your blog will live forever, a podcast will survive the earth’s eventual doom. Not exactly difficult to create (see Digital Trends), the challenge remains: capture and hold an audience with interesting and valued content. Those of us that have a life away from the computer will find routine podcasts an overwhelming time commitment. Unless of course, we ….

I’ve saved the in & outs of podcasting for another blog at another time. Now, go out there and rake those damn leaves. And, while you’re at it, rake this, too.





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  1. Roland Hughes

    Wow! Super blogger? Nah, I just find a comfortable keyboard and type. My mind wanders in random directions and out comes a post. I didn’t watch all of the link you had tied to “this”. I was laughing too hard at the poopuri (sp?) ad. Hopefully some of our fellow authors will finish up their projects and join us in our posting.

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