Too Few Remember Thanks

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combine close upIn this land where, if you have enough money or credit you can order, quite literally, enough food to kill yourself, it’s not surprising that we have created multiple generations of individuals who feel entitled to everything. Most of them end up elected to political office, typically in D.C., a Wall Street banker or hedge fund manager. In short, excrement from the scum of the Earth.

Today is Veteran’s Day.

It is a day to thank all of those who served and those who are currently serving for their sacrifice. Those ranks would include two of the authors who post here. A comment from you the reader would not be too much to ask of you, but I suspect it would be too much of an effort. No, those ranks don’t include me. I had severe allergies and when I was of that age we seemed to always be in a jungle. We didn’t have all of the wonderful allergy drugs of today back then. It is one of my life’s regrets.

Within a scant few weeks it will also be Thanksgiving.

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Retailers don’t even wait until Thanksgiving to start Christmas sales. Too much influence from the Wall Street excrement and not enough influence from humanity. Why else would there be this persistent story about so many of the “Made in China” products on Walmart shelves actually being made in North Korea then shuffled across the border for a “Made in China” stamp? No legitimate American retailer would ever consider that a viable or ethical business model, but Wall Street excrement encourages it.

Most people don’t even understand what Thanksgiving _really_ is. It’s a time to be thankful about having enough harvest to feed us and the livestock we depend on through the winter. No, these photos aren’t some stock thing. I took them yesterday with my flip phone while I was hauling in and unloading. When you are combining in short rows and cannot make a round because the corn is mounded up in the tank to the point of spilling over, that’s a good thing. Prices may be shit, but at least there will be enough to feed the country through the winter.

On the first Thanksgiving, the pilgrims invited the native American Indians who had shown them how to actually raise corn. Everyone ate heartily from the bountiful harvest. Not really that many years later, people whose descendants most likely became Wall Street bankers and Washington politicians again thanked the native American Indians by slaughtering them.

The soldiers sent to do the task did the bidding of their country. Most didn’t want to go. There were no jobs for them. We didn’t have large factories so the army was about the only choice of employment if they weren’t born into a career. There was no medical care then. Some sewing thread, bottle of whiskey and the sweaty dirty handkerchief which had been tied around your neck was about all you had. Just about any wound meant they would die from the infection. Still, they went.

A very large number didn’t want to go to Vietnam. The draft is evidence of that. Once again excrement from the scum of the Earth rose to power with their insatiable greed and corruption. They even agreed to make it a meat grinder where we couldn’t venture north of a certain parallel so it could be nothing more than a meat grinder continually consuming products produced by their investments making them richer. The wealthy didn’t go. They got deferments for bone spurs or put into the Air National Guard without even 5 minutes of pilot’s training under their belt. When those that went returned the scum of the Earth spit on them and called them baby killers.

So, on this Veteran’s Day, please thank a veteran for enduring low pay, bad food, months/years away from home and potentially dying any moment of any day in a foreign land to keep wars from our shores. They truly served an ungrateful population. One which has done nothing when it comes to stopping the excrement from the scum of the Earth from rising to power.

On this Thanksgiving, remind your entire family to be thankful none of you are Wall Street bankers, hedge fund managers or Washington politicians because that means there is a chance you are actually human instead of excrement from the scum of the Earth.

You might also wish to read up on just how often we have sent our youth into conflict.




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