Sprint Has the Worst Web Site Ever Created

I know, my other blog is the technology/IT blog, but . . . You need to consider the user experience whenever you do something. This includes writing your book, setting up its Web site and any Social Media presence. Just because someone “says it’s good” or it happens to be “priced right” doesn’t mean it is something you should do.

For many months now my Consumer Cellular phone with AT&T SIM card has been servicing me well. After a series of storms I find times sitting in my office where there is no signal, but used to be 4 bars. This set me to poking around on Consumer Cellular, Republic Wireless and Sprint’s Web sites.

sonim phone image

Sonim phone

Oh, I wasn’t thinking of actually getting Sprint. Been there, done that. Their coverage blows. Sadly, they are about the only carrier still handling ruggedized phones like this one. I don’t really want an identity theft enabling device which many of you mistakenly call a “smart” phone. I do want something which is impact and water resistant though. That is what lead me to this sprint page.

It’s horrible. To understand how horrible you need to find a free wifi spot with really sucky wifi, like the McDonalds in Pontiac, IL. I’m sure you know of a few near you. Never repaint something at the top of the page after having painted most of the page. That’s exactly what they do though. If you click on something the screen jumps and you find out you really clicked on something else.

Never put a pop-up on a Web page for any reason.

Both Consumer Cellular and Republic Wireless offer the option of a T-Mobile SIM card. Fine, but according to the coverage map, where I sit most of the day has “fair” coverage which will work “occasionally indoors.” Exactly the problem I’m trying to fix right now.

So, by all indications T-Mobile will provide just as sucky cell phone coverage as every other carrier in my area. No if-ans-or-buts about it. Cell phone carriers don’t give a furry rat’s behind about rural customers or if their city customers die from a traffic accident in a rural area they don’t cover.

I don’t really have any other issues with my Doro. It seems to work well along the Interstate and only recently started completely sucking at home. I’m sure as Hell not going back to an office land line. Been there, done that. The service was out almost as much as my cell phone and cost more.

What I am looking for is the cheapest high quality option for a desktop phone. While I loath identity theft enabling devices and would never take a “smart” phone out in public, because that’s a really stupid thing to do unless you like being an identity theft victim, I am thinking about this phone to sit on my desk. Why? I can get it with T-Mobile SIM _and_ it will work over my wifi. This means even when AT&T service sucks and T-Mobile service sucks clients will still be able to reach me.

Yes, I’ve read all of the posts about “call transitioning” issues. If it never leaves my office, I don’t really care. In order to “transition” it would have to lose signal with my wireless router which is less than 20 feet away without major obstructions. Besides, just outside of my office I have this massive 16dbi antenna.

External Wifi Antenna image

External Wifi Antenna

Yes, the birds visit it. If you wish to read about the whole farm wifi saga you will find it here. I’ve been at this wireless thing a very long time. Now that we are into the AC realm any yutz with ears can do it. I probably don’t even need that massive antenna, but, I already have it so I will use it. In theory, once I connect the phone to both the office and house routers, I should be able to make a call anywhere on the homestead without actually using any cell minutes or data . . . assuming I decide to buy the thing.

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