Cheap Wine May Disappear for a While

California Wine image

California Wine

Normally I couldn’t care a whit about California, well, I would care even less about it if my two cousins would come to their senses and return to America from it. Hollywood movies aren’t even shot in Hollywood anymore so each day California has even less to like about it. Given it has Google’s headquarters, most of the EU probably hates the entire state. I’ve also never understood why a state which is regularly drought stricken would pursue a dairy industry. Dairy cows need massive amounts of water so it is best suited for Great Lakes regions.

Having said all of that, and I could go on for hours, the bulk of our low cost wines come from a region which is currently burning. Napa and Sonoma Valleys are currently being scorched and sadly, some of the wineries are being destroyed. Stock up now on your favorite ones because production may be interrupted for a very long time.

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