Life’s Forgotten Absurdities

“The human super power is forgetting. Who knew?”

That line is from a “Doctor Who” episode when Clara Oswald was still his companion. It’s a line which means more each and every year. In truth it might turn out to be one of the more pivotal/influential lines ever uttered by any Dr. Who.

Most of you Millenials are too young to understand it. In fact, most of you are at the age where you are still doing the stupid stuff you will later wish to make go away. For you though, making it go away will be all but impossible. How many of you are paying attention to the unreadable fine print of those agreements you just click on before posting pics of yourself either naked or doing stupid stuff on one of those trendy “social” sites? Most of them claim ownership. You have no privacy or right to the image once you upload it.

Oh, and let’s not forget those supposedly deleted Snap images! There have been multiple stories about how people (mostly kids) have been able to save those quickie nudes the sext to each other. There are even instruction pages listing non-app ways to do it and

Those of us “of a certain age” rarely had much in the way of photographic evidence of our stupidity. Even if we did it was on film which would eventually get that reddish tint before it faded completely. We just had our memories of such stupidity and time eventually takes those. Okay, the girls didn’t have it so good. When they went for a wild weekend there was little in the way of preventative measures and even less in the way of education so they came home with a reminder which eventually went to high school, but other than that, for the most part, stupidity could be forgotten.

What prompted this post?

For some reason I got stuck in my head that spoof some show did on The Village People song YMCA.

Young man, you’re looking good in those jeans

I say young man, I think you know what I mean

They had a whole routine. It was too funny. It was memorable because it mocked the song in the same way The Village People mocked the stereotypes of the day. If memory serves me correctly (not saying it does) many of the people involved in the skit were also gay so it was kind of a full circle celebration of stupidity.

This spoof, however, was from “a certain time.” A time before people felt empowered to violate copyright law with the same wanton abandon Google did with Google Books. All search engines turned up nothing. Once those who saw and created it are gone, so will be the absurdity. Much like those keg stands which were never photographed or put on-line for Facebook to make money with, those absurdities will fade from collective memory.

Just think about how much less stress would have been in Micheal Phelps’ life if nobody had snapped a picture of him with a bong at a college party.


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