This idea hit me while I was buying a mega zillionaire ticket around lunch time. Got joking around with the young girl behind the counter about how winning would be a bad thing since the State of Illinois would never get around to actually paying the debt. Our current elected corruptions, especially the one in the governors office, would find some way to keep that money all to themselves. The it hit me


A short run fake-reality television show about an Illinois resident so unlucky they hit they multi-state lottery. The opening scene montage will go from a picture perfect family in suburbia with their 4+ bedroom home, to a shuttered factory, to a spousal argument, to a for sale sign on the house and a judges gavel in a divorce court and finally to a rusted trailer home with a great big cardboard box just inside the door.

 Opening montage voice over will go something like the following:

My name is Joe Johnson. I used to have a wife, 2 kids, nice house in the suburbs and a dog. Then the biological entity trying to buy his way into the governor’s office started off-shoring all of the jobs. Factories and businesses closed hand over fist but he got what he wanted, the governor’s office. I just got the result of his ambition. Bank seizure of home, a divorce where I never see the kids and even the dog left. When I didn’t think it could get any worse I used my last $2 to buy a multi-state lottery ticket, then I found out it could get worse, I won. Few things can ruin your life quicker in Illinois than hitting the lottery. You have to pay all of the taxes, fees, etc. and the state never gets around to actually paying you. We’ve got the best government corruption can buy. Don’t touch that box! If I don’t make rent this week, that will be my new home.

I’m Joe Johnson. They say I’m rich-ish.

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