Everyday Extraordinary – Pt. 2

Besides writing Part 1 of this thread, I went to visit my father in the nursing home. It’s not a fancy place, but it is nice with lots of good people. I don’t just mean good people working there, but good people as residents also. It’s a rather rural place and many of the people in there either were farmers or had family who farmed or grew up on a farm themselves. In short, they can all relate to the trucks and wagons going past the place this time of year. They all have a story or twelve about harvest time.

One of the good people who was on the staff is leaving to work at a hospital. She’s a nurse now and the hospital pays more allowing her to work fewer days per week, yadda yadda. Being married and twenty-something, she had to look down the road to having kids and how to be part of actually raising them. I know this because she came in today to do some final paperwork. I almost didn’t recognize her out of uniform. Technically Thursday was her last official day.

I’m telling this story so Millenials will learn, most of the time, to be everyday extraordinary, you just need to do your job and be friendly.

This particular nursing home has a big white party bus which can haul a gaggle of people in wheel chairs. On Thursday a group of the old women who typically busy themselves folding towels or making pies, cakes and brownies, had someone from the staff take them up town to the florist so they could choose a flower arrangement. (Knowing them, probably make the arrangement while they were there <Grin>) They came back with it and together they presented this girl with the flowers and thanking her.

I heard that story from my mom on Thursday after she got home from visiting dad. Today, I got to hear her side of it.

“That was a real wake up call for me. You do this job every day and don’t think you are making a difference, then, wow, that.”

Thankfully she won’t be gone for good until they have kids. She told me she would be back on some of her days off to help out because she really liked the place. Hopefully, after Thursday, she understands just how much some of the people living there like her.

Do your job every day to the best of your ability and be nice to everyone. That’s what makes everyday extraordinary happen.

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