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Stories in the Music

I think I’m safe in saying that nearly everyone listens to music and among those who do, most enjoy music with lyrics as much as they do the pure sounds of an instrumental piece. As a writer I enjoy a good yarn, whether in the form of a poem, short story, or novel. Music is prevalent in every culture throughout the world. For example, in Turkish, the verb to sing – şarkı söylemek translates into English as:  tell song or sing say. Not long ago I adopted the practice of listening to Bluegrass music. I dabbled in learning to play the banjo in my younger years, but it didn’t stick…until a few years ago. What drew me to Bluegrass was deeper than my desire to develop Skruggs style picking skills on… Read more >

Why a New Car Costs So Much

There have been articles in obscure or industry specific locations of the Web covering this topic but they usually title the article something like “Where the World’s Unsold Cars Go to Die” which isn’t exactly the type of headline topping search term lists. Basically, rather than limit production to what will actually sell or do anything which remotely resembles management, today’s auto manufacturers over produce, jack up prices, and leave new cars to rot all around the globe. You want to know how I found out about it? I was reading version of this syndicated article in my local paper. Yes, Mr. Berko has his share or critics, but, he has an investment philosophy of buying dividend paying things which have a good track record of actually paying the dividend… Read more >

1, 2, 3 – Rite (Organize Yourself)

A brief recap on the second installment of this Wednesday series. As you might recall, last week we spoke of Ishmael and organizing our next, great work. I promised to reveal some of my most basic steps in the creation of my newest novel Rite*, including some behind the curtain stuff.  And now, 1, 2, 3 – Rite The room is quiet. The dog ceased its barking. Headphones and Bach help to clear my mind. Dawn will be here in a few minutes, and that lovely little space between indigo and daylight welcomes all early risers. My fingers have the keyboard under control and my pencil and paper work sits cozy in binders for quick reference. As I pressure my first stroke, a chilling thought slams its way into my… Read more >

Stories and Maps

As an avid reader of fiction, I enjoy a globetrotting adventure with detailed place descriptions and lots of action.  When I’m fortunate enough to be transported while reading such a novel, I travel in the shoes of the main character imagining myself acting in that role.  Of course it always makes things more interesting when the character I imagine myself as possesses several of the attributes of Jason Bourne of the Ludlum novels.  Yes it is very cool to be multi-lingual, fluent in languages ranging from Mandarin to Farsi while at the same time being able to fend off the bad guys with a Bruce Lee style martial arts move. For me one of the more enjoyable aspects of a novel with a strong sense of place is the discovery of new… Read more >

Did AARP Get Belize Wrong?

It was not that long ago AARP listed Belize as one of the best places to retire abroad. They made it sound so inviting with the fast track to citizenship and the wonderful description. Heck, not long after that Leonardo Dicaprio bought an island there. I have personally spoken with people in the north of 50 crowd who were actively looking into retiring in Belize. Some months ago, back when LinkedIn still had a microscopic bit of relevance in the known universe, I ran into a journalist/author/investigative reporter in one of the groups. When I mentioned something about Belize she piped up that she now lived somewhere in Mexico in a community of ex-pats who all had some horrible story about Belize. Shake downs, robberies, etc. The description made it… Read more >

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