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1, 2, 3 – Rite (Characters…The World is Full of Them)

Here’s a recap for installment number five of Interesting Author’s Wednesday blog series. We described Organizing, Theme, Point of View, and Setting. I committed to revealing some of the critical steps in the creation of Rite*, but for now let’s talk Characters.   1, 2, 3 – Rite   Whether you ascribe to the “Great Man” theory of history, or to Tolstoy’s criticism that social circumstances allow great men and women to rise to the occasion, strong characters in fiction must take center stage. Try to imagine a vapid character in Hemmingway’s boat battling the big fish. We see the man, smell his sweat, feel the line cut his bleeding hands…a visceral image one tends not to forget. Characters solving the story’s conflict may be major or minor. They play… Read more >

Stories About Coffee

Turkish people have a tradition that is closely linked to the making and drinking of coffee. Once a bride is betrothed, the the bride’s family hosts a formal ceremony where the groom and his family sit for coffee and visit with the bride’s family. For those unfamiliar with Turkish Coffee, the drink is prepared in a small long handled copper pot called a cezve (pronounced: “jezvay”). Normally the coffee is fine ground and scooped directly into the cezve followed by water. The concoction is slowly heated without anything more than a small stir with a wooden rod. Turkish coffee for those who have never enjoyed it, is fabulously tasty. The preparation is as much a ritual as is drinking it. For the bridegroom during the traditional ceremony the coffee is something that… Read more >

January Was a Rough Month for Music World

Most of you heard the news about Glenn Frey and David Bowie both passing away in January 2016, but just how many of you “knew” who they were? Maybe I’ve finally gotten to the age where barefoot in the snow stories become important, but losing both of these guys, at least to me, signaled the end of an era. It means there won’t be an Eagles Farewell Tour 256 or a host of other things. I was lucky. I probably didn’t think so at the time, but I was lucky. I was born when we only had AM radio. As a kid I got to live through the creation of FM radio and 8-track tapes. It was a good thing many teens smoked back then because you seemed to always… Read more >

1, 2, 3 – Rite (Setting)

A brief recap on the fourth installment of Interesting Author’s Wednesday blog series. As you might recall, we spoke of Ishmael and Organizing our next, great work. We delved into the world of Theme and its critical role shaping and forming our fiction. Last week, Point of View earned top spot and we discovered killing the first person narrator sometimes just doesn’t work out. I committed to revealing some of the critical steps in the creation of Rite*, including some behind the curtain stuff. Today, let’s consider a finer point on Setting. And now, 1, 2, 3 – Rite   Welcome Wednesdays. I know Twitter has a third day celebration too, and honestly I’m not leveraging. I like Wednesdays and always have. I see a shadow casting behind me, instead… Read more >

Stories and Landscapes

Our climate is changing and our planet is changing. It always has been changing. The evidence is in the landscape, which tells the earth’s story for those interested enough to read it. The forces of nature are so awesome that one really needs to just stop and think for a beat or two in order to contemplate just what that means. I love the ocean and watching the waves from distant shores crash on the beach making rock into sand and then even finer sand.  The sight and sound does something for my soul. These physical processes remind me that our mother earth is a living breathing system, albeit an enormous one at that. Wind and water working together to form beautiful landscapes offer an explanation, even to the casual viewer, of… Read more >

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