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This was a weird movie. I don’t mean SyFy twists and turns or blood and gore, just weird. Normally when I see subtitles pop up for a DVD I eject the disk and return it. My major criticism with CafeDVD is their inability to identify what language a movie is actually in. Sometimes you can guess if it says “foreign,” but only sometimes. I mean they flag “Downton Abbey” as foreign and it is most definitely in English, at least the disks in America are. Perhaps I didn’t get this movie because I’m not Russian. Maybe it is because the skeleton on the cover made me think a new prehistoric species had been found on this guy’s land and the entire movie was about the power grab for fame and… Read more >

Challenge Your Beliefs – Pt. 3

The concepts of good, wicked and evil aren’t just something writers need to explore, they need to be explored in all walks of life. These definitions which many wish to believe are hard and fast are actually quite fluid. You have all heard about the movie “Schindler’s List” even if you haven’t managed to see it.  Here was a man that was at least wicked if not evil in his exploitation of workers yet, due to a much bigger evil in the same place at the same time he became viewed as a hero. I have long told my coworkers in IT that if you think your software is idiot proof you simply haven’t tested with a big enough idiot. The same is true in real life. An entity can… Read more >

Area 51 – Real or Imagined?

I have the privilege of belonging to a reading club in my local area. A dozen or more very nice, and very smart people belong. During a lively discussion of The Martian by Andy Weir, someone asked the question if there really was an Area 51. If so, they wondered, do they keep alien corpses under lock and key. Because of some former professional relationships, and my big mouth, they eventually looked at me as if I’d have an answer. I’d been to Tonopah and the arsenals out in the desert. I’d even been to an old closed down air force landing field (but that’s another story), but I’d never been to Area 51. Like everyone with a bent toward mysteries and mayhem, I’ve often wondered the same thing myself…. Read more >

Dizz Knee Land

We all have songs which will pop into our head for seemingly no reason. During my junior college days a friend said it was always the last song you heard before getting out of your car. Others theorize it is because radio stations are paid to play the same four songs a billion times in order to aid marketing campaigns. There actually seemed to be a bit of truth to this during the late 80s when every “hit” song also seemed to be featured in a beer commercial. Those theories would tend to explain the songs we physically cannot hide from unless we use some Internet radio site and take the time to pick each and every tune on the playlist paying money so they don’t “help us out” by… Read more >

Zero Days – Pt. 2

Please read Part 1 first. Part of me wants to see if this documentary also covers the hard drive firmware virus. The geek in me wants to tip my hat to the people who created that thing because there is almost no way to purge that. Hard drives never used to have flashable firmware. I guess they do now. If your eyes glaze over now I will understand, but, you really need to understand a bit about this to understand just how at-risk you really are in today’s world. I’m old enough to remember booting the DOS DEBUG utility to format MFM hard drives for DOS based PCs. I even remember the run-it-overnight COMPSURF utility for Netware servers. Back in the day all PC and most larger computer hard drives… Read more >

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