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1, 2, 3 – Rite (Setting)

A brief recap on the fourth installment of Interesting Author’s Wednesday blog series. As you might recall, we spoke of Ishmael and Organizing our next, great work. We delved into the world of Theme and its critical role shaping and forming our fiction. Last week, Point of View earned top spot and we discovered killing the first person narrator sometimes just doesn’t work out. I committed to revealing some of the critical steps in the creation of Rite*, including some behind the curtain stuff. Today, let’s consider a finer point on Setting. And now, 1, 2, 3 – Rite   Welcome Wednesdays. I know Twitter has a third day celebration too, and honestly I’m not leveraging. I like Wednesdays and always have. I see a shadow casting behind me, instead… Read more >

Stories and Landscapes

Our climate is changing and our planet is changing. It always has been changing. The evidence is in the landscape, which tells the earth’s story for those interested enough to read it. The forces of nature are so awesome that one really needs to just stop and think for a beat or two in order to contemplate just what that means. I love the ocean and watching the waves from distant shores crash on the beach making rock into sand and then even finer sand.  The sight and sound does something for my soul. These physical processes remind me that our mother earth is a living breathing system, albeit an enormous one at that. Wind and water working together to form beautiful landscapes offer an explanation, even to the casual viewer, of… Read more >

Is the Internet Archive Project a Good Thing?

I’m not talking about the portion which stores books, movies and music which content owners donate. I’m more worried about the Wayback Machine portion of it. In truth I’m told there are quite a few efforts to archive some or all of the Internet, but is that concept really a good thing. Hey, I’ve spent 30+ years in IT. One of the first things I do after setting up a machine is make an image backup. If it is a machine I’m actually using I set up some kind of automated backup so I have a restart point when something inevitably fails. That’s my knee-jerk response with all useful systems I set up. But is that the right thing to do with the Internet. Those of us who are actual… Read more >

1, 2, 3 – Rite (A POV for you and me)

A brief recap on the third installment of this Wednesday series. As you might recall, in the first week we we spoke of Ishmael and organizing our next, great work. Last week, we spoke of Theme and its critical role in our fiction. This week, it’s point of view. BTW, I promised to reveal some of my most basic steps in the creation of my newest novel Rite*, including some behind the curtain stuff.  POV is critical in Rite. And now,   1, 2, 3 – Rite  Jeez! This man was huge. The pistol pointed at my chest was even bigger. At least the casket could be open, if he missed my face. But what about Laura? Shouldn’t I be thinking about her? After all, this is the lug that wants… Read more >

Stories in the Music

I think I’m safe in saying that nearly everyone listens to music and among those who do, most enjoy music with lyrics as much as they do the pure sounds of an instrumental piece. As a writer I enjoy a good yarn, whether in the form of a poem, short story, or novel. Music is prevalent in every culture throughout the world. For example, in Turkish, the verb to sing – şarkı söylemek translates into English as:  tell song or sing say. Not long ago I adopted the practice of listening to Bluegrass music. I dabbled in learning to play the banjo in my younger years, but it didn’t stick…until a few years ago. What drew me to Bluegrass was deeper than my desire to develop Skruggs style picking skills on… Read more >

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