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Surround Sound Sucks

Quite some time ago I picked up a 2006 Toyota Avalon which I just love to drive. Quite possibly the best built car on the market. Strong reputation for last past 300,000 miles if you keep up with the oil changes and minor maintenance. One thing which has annoyed me since day one is the stereo sucked. It had decent reception and seems otherwise capable, but the sound sucked. This isn’t a huge problem for me because I normally listen to NPR. Not the kind of NPR enamored with finding “new music,” rather the good kind of NPR providing me with non-spun news an interesting information. Last night I decided to go to town for Chinese food. I hadn’t had any in a while. I also had received a Steve… Read more >

The New New New Retail Model for Books

Retail locations which do not supply a niche have a physical problem. Space physically limits inventory. For a while some of the chains were promising next day from the warehouse and they stocked titles in the central/Web warehouse which could be sent out to any store location with their next daily stock order, but, I do not know if any still offer that. Impulse buyers aren’t willing to wait until tomorrow. There are currently multiple attempts to solve this physical problem. One of the more established solutions is the Espresso Book Machine. Just because it has been around the longest doesn’t mean it will win, just that it has a base. Solutions are being offered up by other companies and some have big publisher backing as big publishers try to… Read more >

It’s a Jeep Thing

It was a sad day a couple of weeks ago. I finally bit the bullet and got rid of my 1990 Jeep Wagoneer Ltd. Sad day indeed. The Wagoneer wasn’t my daily driver. Actually, it was a really nice Jeep when I bought it in 2001. Sight unseen off eBay no less. Yes, I had it shipped cross country from some dealer lot in New Hampshire after I had them do a bit of work on it. Then both I and others did a bit more work on it once it got here. About a year or so after I got it I ended up putting a new engine in it. No fault of the Jeep or previous owners. Like I said, this isn’t my daily driver. It sits in… Read more >

Mr. Amala’s Soup – A Child’s Tale of Courage

  A quick note from Oliver – Mr. Amala’s Soup is a child’s story that stars a quite real, little boy. His Dad is real too, and at the time this story was penned, he served in Iraq. I suppose that’s just evidence that we all worry in our own unique ways. Today the father is home and the army is a memory. And now, Mr. Amala’s Soup… Tony held a pot of hot soup. His favorite neighbor, Mr. Amala had a cold, and his mother asked Tony to take him part of their dinner. The rain stopped, even though the clouds still hid a large, round moon. Tony wore two big kitchen mittens for his hands and wasn’t so sure about walking in the backyards at night. He knew… Read more >

I Want to See My Title in Book Stores

You know, unless you are going to go the “traditional” publishing route with Hollywood Accounting which could bury 90+% of your royalties so it can line the pockets of upper management and their families . . . it’s the worst dream anyone can have. Here is a bit of math from self publishing side that does its own print runs. Let us take a mythical book selling chain or super market with exactly 1000 retail locations to make math easy. According to this link  BN has 700 stores and 600 college book stores. There is also Kroger, Target, etc. but they are a different beast and 1000 makes this easy to calculate and people with this “dream” aren’t talking about a “chain” with 5 locations world wide. Back in my… Read more >

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