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Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 28

“How do you know I’m not living under a mountain of debt?” I queried. “Please” she said in a somewhat exasperated tone. “I’m not going to tell you all of my secrets. Let’s just say, most young, single girls have trouble telling fake rich from real money but single moms usually don’t. Actually, any woman who has been dating a while learns to weed out the fake rich from solid money. Players all have patterns and you weren’t playing last night. I had to drag you into bed. You weren’t flashing your big bills, you were hiding them under the little ones. Your clothes weren’t flashy, just well made. You speak Pandora which means you have bought a lot of jewelry in your life. Husbands have to have the kids… Read more >

Lottery Ticket Confessions

It’s a new year and people from all walks of life will tell you confession is good for the soul, assuming you have a soul. Let’s start the new year off by owning up to those “lottery tickets” in our trading accounts. You know the ones. Those penny stocks you bought in a moment of weakness knowing the odds were completely against you, but, $100 got you a trunk full of shares and just over $1000 pushed your position to a million or more. Yes, you knew it was stupid when you did it, but, there was this long shot chance and if it ever did make it above a dime you could pay cash for your kid’s college tuition. My guilty play here is QPRC. They used to be… Read more >

Think Twice Before Driving Through Illinois in 2017

Much of the this content came from an Illinois State Police release. I will quote it in this post so you can adjust your travel plans accordingly. This is _exactly_ why I and everybody else should be against states rights. If we as a nation want to encourage nationwide touring then the rules of the road need to be the same everywhere. I firmly believe several of these changes exist only to help balance the state’s budget. You can read more here. If you decide to speed through a work or school zone after the first of the year, you may end up in jail. Speeding 26 miles per hour or more, but less than 35 miles per hour, is now a Class B misdemeanor, and 35 miles per hour… Read more >

George Michael Left Us

You are going along on your Christmas Holiday then WHAM! George Michael dies. Don’t worry, I’m sure that tasteless joke is flooding the Internet. If you don’t get it you aren’t old enough. Are all “journalists” today 20-something script-kiddies? I went to several “news” sites and they present an extremely sanitized version of his life and accomplishments. They are all talking about his tamer hits and the boy band bravado of “Wake Me Up Before You Go-go.” Nobody is talking about the sh*t storm created when he released “I Want Your Sex.” In a world of 24/7 Internet porn this may seem well below the radar, but, this song came out before Bill Clinton and Al Gore had yet to commit the election year scam of “the Information Super Highway… Read more >

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