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We Celebrate Independence Day – Not the 4th

This really sticks in my craw. Can’t help it. Perhaps I paid too much attention during history class, maybe I watched too much History Channel back when it was worth watching. It doesn’t matter. Every sale flyer polluting my mail box and every chunk of spam contaminating my inbox around this time spouting “4th of July Sale” just jerks my chain. Retailers so gaga for green backs trample all over this coming holiday. I actually have mixed emotions over celebrating. Oh, I’m as patriotic as many, growing up rural we tend to be wrapped in the flag when brought home from the hospital and rocked in our NRA cradle. Unlike many of my neighbors and family I never served. Not due to lack of desire during my youth, rather it… Read more >

The Bite of the Deadly Adinar

Lurking in the high grass of publishing is yet another creature waiting to lure the writer astray. What would you say to the question: “Hey, is two hours of your time worth twenty-five thousand dollars in your wallet?” Well, heck, even I can answer that. The better question might be: “Is two hours of your time worth twenty-five thousand dollars in my wallet?” That’s sort of the expected minimum return for a webinar where an expert is selling an idea, sure to get you published, sure to make you a national or at least a regional hit, or sure to fill your coffers while you’re vacationing in Tahiti. Sure to do something…anything. I’ve spent any number of two hours of my writing time at these things. This was especially true… Read more >

Why You’re Jeep’s Not Cold Pt. 2

clogged heater core

Technically this isn’t a part 2 as it is a follow on to It’s a Jeep thing, but, be that as it may we are calling it part 2 because it is part of the same journey. in that post you learned I picked up a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland which I believed had the infamous blend door problem. It did, but it also had many other HVAC issues, all of which were inside of the housing. Some yutz had been trying to “fix” this with “no money down” hacks. They even hacked into the blower motor wiring and hooked it up backwards. They did this because they didn’t want to pay someone to take the dash apart and they obviously didn’t want to do it themselves. Please take… Read more >

Chasing Sound

This post is a boiled down version of my side of an email exchange which was had recently. Sorry if it is difficult to follow without all the other players. It should be entertaining enough though. Enjoy! I was in junior college and an IT geek when digital first came out. Myself and friends were _always_ trying to get the same sound from cassette tape as we could from our vynyl. We tried everything. There was a time when the only currency we recognized was a Maxell UDXL-II 90. Gospel truth, I still have half a wood rack that are still in original shrink wrap. Oh, we tried everything. Metal tape, Enclosures. One of my friends worked in the electronics department at K’s Merchendise Mart and had for a while… Read more >

Return to Paper?

I was recently exposed to an article on declining eBook sales. I skimmed through the article and kicked off a discussion with my fellow authors which I’m sure will invite comment on here <Grin> but, I feel compelled to both support and debunk this article. Yes, I believe people are returning to paper for many reasons, not the least of which has to do with theft. I have said it many times in many places so I will say it again here. Until ebook readers cost less than a single trip to Starbucks, they won’t replace paper. Dedicated ebook readers are also a dying market. While I consider it a crime against humanity to shop at Walmart, they are currently selling Nextbook Flexx 2-in-1 tablets for around $100. While I… Read more >

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