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Shakespeare’s Dilemma

The interesting and always challenging author interview is a thing of beauty and matter of embarrassment. I’m certain many who read this blog understand how these cyber things are done. Either my publicist or I solicit interested parties. They forward a sometimes exhausting list of questions, softballs really, and I spend a half dozen hours answering and proofing before I send back. Ky, the lady responsible for garnering this opportunity, will take a swipe at my prose and then pass on the interview. If the blogger or interviewer decides they like what they see, my words find their way into cyber consciousness. If I’m too wordy, I’m re-edited, or if they decided my answers aren’t in keeping with their style, entire questions might be eliminated and tossed into the cyber… Read more >

Idiot Phones

Marketing spin doctors try to call them “smart” phones, but they really are idiot phones. Just like a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view of a pickup truck is a pretty good Red Neck marker, one of these phones in the hand of someone is a pretty good idiot marker. Actually, it’s a much better idiot marker than the fuzzy dice since so few Red Necks do the fuzzy dice thing these days. I guess word got around. Yes, I grew up on a farm and live in the middle of Red Neck U.S.A. so I’m allowed to talk about them. Now if that hole “Truck Nuts” thing would just go away…sigh. While working at my last client site the owner and several others used to raz… Read more >

Challenge Your Beliefs – Pt. 1

One of the reasons I’m glad I don’t hang out on social media with other writers anymore is I got really tired of noobs popping into the forum and without reading any prior posts start asking the exact same list of questions. How do I drive customers to my Amazon page? How can I get my title into book stores? How can I get recognized as a great writer? Sometimes I bit my tongue, but, sometimes I gave them the answer they needed to hear. If you started on you can forget about all 3. Choose a pen name and start over. Okay, I understand “writing for rent and groceries.” Typically people who are doing that know they are doing it and they don’t hold aspirations of being a… Read more >

Sucky Internet Speeds

Those of you living in major cities rarely have to deal with this topic. Typically you have some unlimited cable connection or near enough to unlimited when it has a limit of something like 150 Gig. The other 80% of the country has to deal with sucky Internet speeds, vicious pricing of plans and draconian data limits. You only have to deal with that if you take a road trip. What brings this to the surface is the fact I’m currently dumping HughesNet Gen4. When I first got Gen4 it wasn’t bad. Yes, it had a draconian 10 Gig monthly limit which severely impacted my ability to participate in BOINC projects. No, BOINC isn’t just for SETI anymore. We geeks with extra computers participate in things like curing AIDS, fighting… Read more >

We Celebrate Independence Day – Not the 4th

This really sticks in my craw. Can’t help it. Perhaps I paid too much attention during history class, maybe I watched too much History Channel back when it was worth watching. It doesn’t matter. Every sale flyer polluting my mail box and every chunk of spam contaminating my inbox around this time spouting “4th of July Sale” just jerks my chain. Retailers so gaga for green backs trample all over this coming holiday. I actually have mixed emotions over celebrating. Oh, I’m as patriotic as many, growing up rural we tend to be wrapped in the flag when brought home from the hospital and rocked in our NRA cradle. Unlike many of my neighbors and family I never served. Not due to lack of desire during my youth, rather it… Read more >

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