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Review – Convoy

★★★★☆ The 20-teens and a bit before has been the era of movies based on comic books. Some say the 1990s through early 2000s were the era of movies based on video games. (Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat) I don’t believe there ever was an era where the bulk of the movies were based on a song, but this movie was. In fact Wikipedia has a global list containing 55 in total at the time of this writing. Most of you children cannot remember a time when there weren’t cell phones and the Internet, but trust me, it existed and not all that long ago. During the time frame when C. W. McCall wrote the talkie country song “Convoy” Americans had just been exposed to and became enamored with another product… Read more >

Review – Road to Perdition

★★★★☆ How can you really not like a movie with Tom Hanks? Especially when he is playing a dad type role. He really does that well. The entire cast do an incredible job of pulling the viewer into this 1931 gangster era world. The classic gangster themes of family and loyalty are well adhered to in this story and they even cross splendidly when Mike’s son witnesses his father and another killing people for a living. This places Mike (Tom Hanks) in an impossible position. The rules say “no witnesses” but how could he kill his own son or allow someone to do it. One has to pay attention to the year. It is very important to the story and the truth of the characters. This was a time when… Read more >

Review – One Mans Hero

★★★★☆ This movie is just plain great! The Irish have been an oppressed people ever since the English encountered them, at least it seems that way. Perhaps that is why so many people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? People have figured out that if a wooden ship ever landed on the shores of their country odds are that some part of them is Irish. Our movie is set during the Mexican-American war and shows us it wasn’t only England who viciously oppressed the Irish. The U.S. Army had deep religious and ethnic prejudice against the strong Catholic faith of the Irish. You must keep in mind this was a time when Ireland had 3 primary exports: Nuns, Priests and Soldiers. To say one was Irish broadcast your being Catholic. Though considered… Read more >

Strange Dreams

Perhaps it is the same for all writers, or, all serious writers, but I tend to have dreams I remember. I don’t care what people say about vivid dreams and sleep apnea because vivid dreams are a writer’s stock and trade. This is how that voice which has been trying to tell its story and you’ve been ignoring finally convinces you it is time to write something down. Oh come on. If you really are a writer you’ve experienced it. There was some character nagging at you to tell their story and you ignored it because you thought the story was sh*t. Finally, you wake up early after having had “the strangest dream” and you sit down at the keyboard. Four plus hours later your fingers are numb, wrists hurt,… Read more >

In Retrospect

Life’s choices are tough. The aftermath of even a little decision one can linger a lifetime. My two daughters wanted a kitten. I thought and weighed the consequences, knowing that I’d one day transfer cities, especially if the new job offer came through. And, of course care and feeding would fall to me, kids being kids. How could a tiny kitten be trouble? The nice lady with the litter convinced me two were no more bother than one; and besides didn’t everyone go to school or work and leave an empty house? Bored kitties were naughty kitties, she told me. Okay, what about no kitties? All right, two. Before the first winter had its back broken by a spring thaw, a fox came through an open garage window and one kitten… Read more >

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