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Dear Eddie

A letter to my best friend. You’ve missed a lot of my life since we saw each other last. The night I drove to your Maryland house would have been the last time…if we’d made a connection. So, I guess the honor will go to our final senior college summer in Tonawanda. You know, I didn’t mind the three-hour drive from Virginia actually, but I was sorry to miss you. That was a show stopper. When your daughter answered the phone, she said you were out. She sounded so grown up. Naturally, I didn’t introduce myself. What was I going to say to a twelve-year-old? “Hi. I’m the friend your dad hasn’t seen in twenty some years.” That would have been just too weird. So I drove by and headed… Read more >

Marketing Means Don’t Be an Asshole

Over the past few weeks emails like this one have been circling around. ==== Subject: Do You Want MORE Reviews For Your Newest Book? Hello, I saw on Goodreads that you are interested in getting more reviews for your newly published book. I am offering an inexpensive book review tour service whereby your book will be promoted to a) 14,000+ book readers, targeted by genre b) 2,000+ active book bloggers c) Thousands of readers across social media d) And much much more If you are interested, please reply to this email for details (SERIOUS inquiries only, please). Thanks, Jim J. ==== Now, I didn’t bite on this. It had a bit of a roadkill odor to it. The fact they admit to mining GoodReads for spamming addresses was the first… Read more >

Those Nagging Little Questions – Chapter 2 – Are You As Ingenious as a Squirrel?

From time to time squirrels move into the pine trees near the parents house. They also take up residence in other trees around the homestead, but they tend to raise their young in the pine trees. We find out about the nests in the other trees when the leaves finally fall from the trees. Of course, to truly appreciate squirrels one must have a lovable but otherwise stupid dog. Our current dog fits the bill to a T. I think it took him 3 times to learn that no matter how fast he was hauling doggy after a squirrel he could not fit under the propane tank but the squirrel’s could. Yelp! Another thing which helps to enjoy squirrels is fresh snow combined with an ancient walnut tree. Why does… Read more >

Everyday Extraordinary – Pt. 2

Besides writing Part 1 of this thread, I went to visit my father in the nursing home. It’s not a fancy place, but it is nice with lots of good people. I don’t just mean good people working there, but good people as residents also. It’s a rather rural place and many of the people in there either were farmers or had family who farmed or grew up on a farm themselves. In short, they can all relate to the trucks and wagons going past the place this time of year. They all have a story or twelve about harvest time. One of the good people who was on the staff is leaving to work at a hospital. She’s a nurse now and the hospital pays more allowing her to… Read more >

Everyday Extraordinary

Today I sold heads for a flathead Ford. We had them in stock! That line is from my younger drinking and darting days. There was this guy, barely old enough to get into the bar himself who used to show up in his auto parts shirt and plain pocket jeans about the time ladies would start showing up. This was after the bar owner made the massive mistake of changing from a dimly lit bar with a sunken dance floor heralded as a meat market by everyone who went there (and everyone did) to a beach themed place with a raised dance floor. It was massively crowded as a meat market, but a scant 20 people per night showed up once it went to the beach theme. Why start with… Read more >

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