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That Expensive POD Thing

Now that “The Phallus of AGILE” is well past 200 pages with the framework of the content in place I poked around today doing a search for the lowest priced POD (Print on Demand) service. I decided to put the worst case scenario to the test. A second edition of my OpenVMS book (might be taking a new OpenVMS contract soon and with the upcoming release on the x86 hardware it is possible I might choose to finish the second edition if the first edition “sells out.”) For the second edition I was wanting to use a color interior. Instead of black on grey for listing highlights I could actually use the traditional yellow highlight and color screen shots. Look at that price! And that is the printing cost!!! I… Read more >

The Carpetbaggers

The Carpetbaggers cover image

I put this movie on my rental list because of the blurb CafeDVD had, saying this was the movie which caused our current movie ratings sytem to be created. From a guy point of view, especially a guy of a certain age, this is an old movie worth putting on your rental list, if not adding to your collection. Honestly, it was really well done. It’s also the last movie Alan Ladd made. Unless you live under a rock or are simply too young to be called an adult, you’ve heard of an old movie called “Shane” which made him a permanent fixture in both American culture and film lore. Those of you who like really bad popular television shows from the 1980s will feel a certain familiarity with the… Read more >

The Big Chill

The Big Chill move cover

I remember seeing this movie when I was a 20-something working like a dog at my career and trying to hang onto some friends from school while desperately pursuing and advanced degree in carnal knowledge. (Hey, most of us do at some point but few admit it.) I remember watching the movie as a VHS tape rental with my father when I was home one weekend. When it was over he stood up to hit the rewind button and said “That movie kind of sucked, didn’t it?” “No, I thought it was great!” I responded. “Well I thought it sucked” was his final response. Therein lies the boundary with “The Big Chill.” If you are like my father and never went to college, you thought it sucked. If you went… Read more >

Layers and Reflections

A quick note: This missive, previously published unearthed itself when a recent milestone flowed under my bridge. I offer it again, or for the first time if you missed the earlier version. A friend recently put me in contact with a piece of my old life, something layed far behind me, and I’d thought, gone for ever. I’m examining that decision…the one rejecting having anything to do with an ugly year in a beautiful land. So forgive the repetition, and enjoy my humble thoughts. Ollie And now, Layers and Reflections: Oh, groan. Another birthday, a milestone. Another layer of wrinkles as if life were some sort of onion. Hopefully, no one will remember this year and I’ll slip under the radar. In a world of instant communication and a universal… Read more >

Tuesday’s Five Minute Flash Fiction #3: Prompt – “Graveyard”

Graveyard “I don’t want to go in there.  Cemeteries creep me out,” said Michael “It’s a graveyard, not a cemetery.  Come on.  It’s just a short-cut and you’ll see it might even be interesting.” Heather led hear boyfriend through the iron gate of the graveyard adjacent to the ancient village church.  The worn gravel pathway wound along a low moss covered stone fence toward another iron gate similar to the one they’d both just passed through.  Heather stopped about half way down the path and turned to Michael. “Take a look at this,” she said pointing to a pair of modern looking headstones.  “There is always a story in places like this.” Reluctantly Michael looked over and noticed what grabbed her interest.  There was a pair of small headstones cut… Read more >

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