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Elysian Field and The President

I suppose its true squeaky wheels get greased and the bombastic get noticed, but that’s not always the case in Mel’s life. Or, should I say, afterlife. In Elysian Fields, Mel is just one among many who’ve passed this way, no better or worse than any other. Just different. He wasn’t perfect in life and certainly isn’t now. His popularity seems to be based on an ability to listen and type in total and utter darkness. I already know his little word processor was purloined from the nurse and produces no light of its own. So I’m left wondering how he can even find the keyboard, no less make an appointment with someone. One of life’s’ … afterlife’s mysteries. Many characters come to Mel, some with an excuse, some wanting… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 17

She said no more as she held my hand and basically dragged me to her place. I know it is piggish, but at that point I was starting to see the wisdom in that phrase “go ugly early and get a good night’s sleep.” This girl was half my age, whether she knew that or not. I still had every belief she was shopping for a sugar daddy. “It’s not much, but it’s home” she said as she lead me in. “Appears to be in better shape than of few of the others we passed” I offered. “This ain’t the high end of town, but, at least I’m not renting like most of my neighbors” Melony volunteered. “Must have a decent job then, or someone who felt really guilty.” Probably… Read more >

News Free – Dialogue or Demagoguery

No typo. Not Free News, but a mind cleansing sojourn of the personal persuasion. For the next couple of weeks, I’ve chosen to avoid all but the local television news, weather, and traffic. This hiatus will include the big three broadcast news stations, as well as satellite & cable’s smorgasbord of competing conservative, liberal, and just plain vile news channels. Call it self-purification if you like, but for right now, I free my mind of media hype and Donkey Kong’s swamp overload. News outlets have reformed themselves into camps. They produce popcorn for a mind unwilling or unable to engage all sides of a story. Pretty faces and credentialed profiles slice a piece of the opinion pie and argue like a debate club, and we call it news. Walter Cronkite… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 16

Gospel truth, this wallet didn’t even have the medical card required to drive a semi across state lines. I wonder just how much she knows about trucking. Hell, does she even know what class of driver’s license is required? Come to think of it I never asked what she did for a living. “Come on” she said as she passed me. “I’ll lead so you can check out my ass. Walking with your arm around me is probably far too personal for you.” “What part of leaving here when the phone rings did you not understand?” “Oh, I understood just fine. That doesn’t mean you can’t make me feel warm and special during the time you are here. I already told you, sometimes a girl wants to step up when… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 15

I started walking the direction the Interstate was in rather than the roach trap hotel. Not knowing when I would be told to leave or where I would be heading directed me away from sleeping rough. Had we not specifically been told to drop the truck off in a fleet yard giving them the keys I would have just found some kind of taxi to take me back to the truck. Nothing odd there. Truck drivers come and go at odd times. Most don’t want to leave a vehicle in a company yard. I could have called the company and had the shuttle come get me too. Thats how he did it! Henry was talking with the guy who turned out to be the shuttle van driver for the trucking… Read more >

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