The River of Souls

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As you get older and, in theory, better it is a good exercise to re-read and re-watch things you thought were great in your youth. You really are watching them with “different eyes.” What once was great will may seem stupid now. Occasionally, you will be shocked by just how great something really was in ways you didn’t realize. I’ve… Read more »

Really Good B Grade Horror

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From time to time I lament that today’s kids, with all of their devices, don’t get to enjoy the era of really good B Grade horror flicks. I’m not talking about modern day special effects slasher gore but the black and white classics starring the master himself, Vincent Price. It was with a nostalgic smile that I noticed Commet TV… Read more »

How Does the Human Race Wipe Itself Out? (Part 6)

Last time we discussed a great many things, but 2 in particular we need to circle around on, processed foods and eating bugs. Culturally it is a taboo to eat bugs. Realistically eating bugs found near human settlements in “civilized” countries would be stupid. Such bugs most assuredly have absorbed significant quantities of various poisons to which they have become… Read more »

Cheap Basta’ds Duth Overrun Us

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For the past couple of days I have been refreshing The Minimum You Need to Know Web site. Changing it so it more closely matched my novel sites. This of course leads one to check all of the sales links, etc. Eventually I did a few searches on The first was for the title of the series the minimum… Read more »

How Does the Human Race Wipe Itself Out? (Part 5)

What started us down the path of this discussion was a well done and well meaning story on NPR. Maybe it was a re-run because a quick Web search with DuckDuckGo reveals NPR has covered eating crickets many many times. The work is somewhat noble even if the topic disgusts many people. We are starting to see more articles about… Read more »