Review – Road to Perdition

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★★★★☆ How can you really not like a movie with Tom Hanks? Especially when he is playing a dad type role. He really does that well. The entire cast do an incredible job of pulling the viewer into this 1931 gangster era world. The classic gangster themes of family and loyalty are well adhered to in this story and they… Read more »

Review – One Mans Hero

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★★★★☆ This movie is just plain great! The Irish have been an oppressed people ever since the English encountered them, at least it seems that way. Perhaps that is why so many people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? People have figured out that if a wooden ship ever landed on the shores of their country odds are that some part of… Read more »

Strange Dreams

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Perhaps it is the same for all writers, or, all serious writers, but I tend to have dreams I remember. I don’t care what people say about vivid dreams and sleep apnea because vivid dreams are a writer’s stock and trade. This is how that voice which has been trying to tell its story and you’ve been ignoring finally convinces… Read more »

Review: Immortal (2004)

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I was rather surprised I had never heard of this movie being something of a science fiction/fantasy fan. I was even more pleased after watching it. This movie is mostly animation with just a few actual actors playing character roles. The animated characters kind of reminded me of The Sims ads of yesteryear but with way better art. Make no… Read more »