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Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 40

“What other advice do you have for me?” “Don’t get anymore tattoos” I stated. “Seriously? Have you seen the kids these days?” she asked. “Most of them have nasty looking tattoos done by a friend who could barely finger paint. Even if you somehow end up with a good one, as you get older or put on a bit of weight it will deform and look like Hell. Yours have actual meaning. The names of your children and their birth dates. The Marine corp tattoo which I now know is a spousal marker. Those are fine and you mostly keep them hidden I suspect.” Melony nodded confirmation. “Anything more than that is going to turn off someone old enough to have the kind of income to support a wife and… Read more >

Living Life Without a Second Chance

No one’s perfect. We all need another shot at the goal once in a while, and even then, we must live with the consequences of the miss. Feel bad for the guy who never gets a second try. Like you, I’ve sat in the audience and listened to a lot of leaders over the years. Most have a common trait when addressing employees, their fighting unit, or even, the company’s sales representatives heading back to their districts. It doesn’t matter who or what they are because we’ve all been in the peanut gallery when our leaders use “podium speak.” Out their mouths come the platitudes and banalities, the substitutes for everyday talk. The speakers generally avoid four-lettered expletives and gloss over untruths. Feel-good postulations abound and are designed and usually… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 39

“Ouch! Well it’s true! Women will gang up on another woman because ‘their man’ pays attention to her and make assumptions about why without ever trying to find out the real reason” I stated rubbing the hand print on my chest. “If your reason is true then what about Heart?” she asked. “Heart is the band where all the stars in the sky spelled out ‘The Universe Will Screw You’ and formed a big arrow pointing directly to where they were standing at the moment the band was formed” I explained. “They had raw talent and were gifted in song writing, but they had the worst management and even worse timing” I continued. “When they had a tour to support their chart topping 80’s tunes someone book John Cougar Melloncamp,… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 38

“Honestly, I’ve never understood why so many women spit venom when they say her name” I responded. “It’s because every time she comes on you guys stop paying attention to us. A stripper is going to leave once you stop stuffing money down her panties but Stevie keeps coming on the radio over and over again. You do realize most women who are past their hard partying days aren’t into pop or hip-hop music but we keep one preset each on the car radio for when a guy is with us. It’s either that or 24-hour news. Those are the only stations we can be certain won’t play Stevie Nicks so there is a chance the dude’s mind won’t drift off into fantasy land. I know a few girls who… Read more >

Someone Else-s Vacation

Sorry about the dash in the title, but you can’t have a ‘ in a file name or url. Most years I love the period between Christmas and New Years. If I have finished a project and am back home this is the time where I can really focus on those “some day” projects, most having to do with hardware upgrades or resurrections. This year was one of those times. Why wait until this point in time? Because event he non-English speaking “technical recruiters” have stopped calling. Heck, the phone only rings twice per day with telemarketers now. Since I have seriously started working on two titles, one of which you periodically get snippets of on here, I needed to get my standard backup methodology in place. This meant getting… Read more >

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