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Tuesday’s Five Minute Flash Fiction #8: Prompt “Giving”

This piece/challenge is the last installment of the 8 pieces of Five Minute Flash Fiction planned for the Summer season.  If you’re a writer/participant and wish for the team of writers at I.A. to continue the weekly Flash Fiction initiative, please leave a comment. Giving Michael and Heather Stone had a monthly routine for paying their household bills. This usually meant on second Thursday evenings, the two of them would convene around the dining room table with a pizza, a couple of cans of beer, and Heather’s laptop.  Neither of them enjoyed the monthly ritual, but in recent years after becoming “empty nesters” they’d made the best of the chore. Heather logged into their on-line account using their bank’s secure Internet server. “Honey, could you come over here and take… Read more >

Your New Identity Theft Enabling Device

This morning I’m stunned to see news reports of people waiting with bated breath for the new Apple identity theft enabling device. I wonder where they are going to move the power plug-in this time? Genius! I have spent 30+ years in IT. Even if you wish to write me off as having reached the cranky old man stage of life, I’m going to tell you idiot phones are the second most insecure computing device ever sold to the general public. [The first is every IOT (Internet of Things) product like Alexa and those Amazon re-order buttons. Two years ago I worked with a guy who hacked those re-order buttons just because he could. Actually, it was more than two years ago. It was right when Chrysler had to recall… Read more >

The Wifi Antenna Saga Part 2

The first installment has a different name and can be found here. My Hawking antenna showed up and I took some time to install it. Of course it only offered a wall mount using flimsy plastic stuff. No way that was going to hold up on a pole away from the building when those 65 MPH wind gusts came up. Thankfully my previous antenna came with pole mount brackets I could re-purpose. Of course I had to glue them on. Thankfully I still had a part bottle of GO2 glue. That stuff is amazing. Knock on wood, I haven’t made a mistake with it where I had to try and get the stuff off. I don’t think it is possible. I gooberred on a bunch and pressed the brackets down… Read more >

How to Sell a Lie

You’ve all heard of different methods of “selling a lie.” Probably one of the more famous is a quote from a show I don’t remember. “I find the most effect method of selling a lie is to hide it between two truths.” The reason I don’t remember where it came from is because I have seen it and variations of it in many things. It’s a mantra and a trope often used in spy thrillers of all kinds but especially those set in the Cold War era. We are now in the era where writers sell their souls to propaganda machines while calling themselves journalists. In today’s world you sell a lie by basing it on a fabrication then layer on increasing layers of obfuscation. Please allow me to illustrate…. Read more >

Your Next Set of Tires Will Be Made Out of Soybeans

image of soybeans

This has been a long time coming. Tires made in large part from soybeans. Oh, don’t write this one off as some socks-in-sandals wearing tree hugger cause. I’m not pushing it here because I grew up on a farm and believe it will help the soybean market. Whether you want to buy the story or not, this is a national security issue. Care to doubt me? You child, must have failed high school history, especially the World War II portion. Civilians really couldn’t buy tires during World War II. Early on Japan seized the islands which were our primary source of rubber. Any rubber American could acquire from other sources had to be put toward the war effort while lots of scientists were put to the task of creating synthetic… Read more >

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