The concepts of lifelong employees, destruction of corporate retirement systems, dissolution of all but the most minimal government pensions, dispersion of any sense of loyalty to the one who puts money in our pocket and food in the kid’s mouths are no more. Our last two generations and swaths of those who came before, have of late, launched into the netherworld of dreams, ambitions, successes, and failures.

Good for them. I applaud every bruise on their chinny chin chins. That’s me in the stands clapping for you.

Funny thing, too, about the older generations chasing their dreams these days. Early Boomers and Gen X have generally fought the system to a draw and now, have a little something for the times ahead. Today, the Greatest Generation and many Late Boomers face tenuous times, and most have prepared, though if you ask, not well enough.

Dreamers, do not lightly take this security.

If someone needs a guide in assessing age-related demographics, Boomers are a good choice and easy to recognize. They’re the ones walking a little slower than yesterday, and usually with gray everything. Gen Xers, not so easy to tell from the younger Ys can look like Kelly Ann Conway and Paul Ryan. You might see Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in that group, too.

(Tell me again how Boomer Trump beat these guys? Ah, never mind. Different topic for a different time.)

Boomers generally have a retirement of some ilk, like the last of the unfunded pensions, or maybe even some investments and savings. I see issues for Gen Y and Gen Next (Millennials), who won’t ever grow old. It’s true, just ask them. And, from what I can see, most don’t consider this trivial issue worth the discussion.

I’ve tried. And failed. Oh, yes, and don’t even start with the social security thing as if that’s even close to a living retirement. SS was never intended to be stand-alone, and those who believe in this dead government program’s solvency smoke stuff from a private garden.

I simply want to urge those coming up, that it’s hard to chase a dream when you’re hungry, or drowning in debt. Grab a gray-haired relative, preferably one with a smile on her face and ask for a little advice. Then listen. She just might have an idea or two for your dream chest.


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