Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 59

I was rather surprised when HR stood to look.

“No . . . I suppose she is not . . .” HR finally said. “We can handle her via other means.”

“For all she knows, I’m an MMA fighter not yet good enough to be televised” I said into the air. “Slim is certainly big enough to be one and so is Stretch. Giant could be their manager or from some other league.”

“I’ve always liked the way you think on your feet” Giant offered. “Either way works for me. Hell, both can work. I manage in one league and fight in another. There are cash only MMA fighting places all over this city.”

“Now, about this termination . . .” I said, looking HR directly in the horn rimmed glasses.

“You’ve all been brought in for violating company rules” said HR softly. The reality of her situation was setting in. She was in a room with four mechanics without any muscle of her own . . . assuming there weren’t four snipers in the building across the street. Her bitchy school marm routine wasn’t going to work in this room and she was going to have to sweep up the problem with that civilian. We were all leaving. I could hear the question in her mind. “Just who would that girl speak with before she had a chance to assess the damage?”

“Oh, is that all?” I said cheerfully. “You mean like the rule of dealing with collateral damage immediately when not currently involved in hostilities? That girl is in the bathroom Tweeting or whatever, every friend she has. Some to bring her clothes, some to console her. Hell, she could have had her phone in voice record mode and taken our pictures, all of which she could be busily uploading to her FaceBook page right now.”

“I’ve got cash and multiple identities” I continued. “I’ll be out of this unattended public toilet in no time. Just how good are you at disappearing? While we are at it, who chose this bullshit location?”

“Seriously!” piped up Giant. “A crowded office with security people and surveillance cameras. What idiot chose that? Even if the girl didn’t take our pictures, she can get them from the cameras once she tells someone and they start the ball rolling. Half of the kids in that warm and fuzzy work pit probably hack the security feed when they are bored.”

“She’s yours to deal with” uttered Slim using his quiet, ominous voice.

“I will handle it!” HR shouted sounding like Donald Trump finding out someone doesn’t worship him. “You were all called in to see me because we have had disturbing reports of you breaking the rules. I had hoped to meet with you individually, but that is not going to happen now” she continued, glaring at all of us as if she somehow was in charge here.

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