Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 58

That did it. Pretty little thing bolted from the conference room and we all noticed the large wet spot on the floor. Her very expensive suit and nowhere near cheap stockings just had years taken off their life.

Stretch actually looked stunned. Softly, without actually knowing he said it we all heard “How did something so fragile get hired by this firm?”

“I had the same question” I responded. “Why don’t you ask HR before she bellows again?” Slim still held HR’s gaze. They were in a childhood staring match and there was no way he would lose. I’ve seen him stare without blinking for close to an hour. Even with tears streaming down his face he will not yield.

The reason Slim didn’t play football or engage in other sports full of head knocking was that he cherished his brain. With that tool he could solve complex problems on the fly and control every system in his body. Oh, I don’t mean subconsciously as we all do it. He could run a 5K race and control both speech and breathing at the finish line. Even after putting down a 32 ounce Mt. Dew, if you told him to get some sleep he can be down and out inside of one minute.

You were probably a bit thrown when I said complex problems on the fly. They are called The Acrobats for a reason. They can perform a Cirque Du Soleil routine at the drop of a hat. I mean one of those routines where people are jumping all around through spinning rings and tossing each other over objects landing perfectly. He has an innate ability to perform trig, force and velocity calculations in a single thought. He was my spotter on a shooting assignment we worked together. After just a glance he calculated all the variables, windage, elevation, bullet weight, muzzle velocity, arch of trajectory, everything. Had we brought a robo gun we could have keyed in the values and left. We were a mile away and I didn’t have a scope, just a bench vice for the gun. I guess I was the robo part of the robo gun. I turned the wheels to set the angle and degrees into the wind then pulled the trigger.

It was obvious now that none of us knew why we where there so Giant forced defeat. “So tell me HR, how did someone that fragile get hired by this firm?”

“She works for the building” responded HR, finally ending the staring match. “She had no idea who or what you were until someone opened their big mouth.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it” I countered. “She’s not coming back.”

“Oh, and you have some God given ability to read her mind?” bellowed HR.

“Stand up and look at the floor” Stretch said softly. “That wasn’t there when we came in. All those pretty clothes, what a waste.”

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