Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 18

It was either the end of the first round or the fifth. I guess it depends on who was counting. I certainly hadn’t physically exerted myself like that in over a decade. There was no mystery left as to how she ended up with three kids. I may not have heard the story of the third, but right now I didn’t have to. I was in the process of both dying and getting my vision to uncross. I’m sure the wine had a bit to do with it but I’m also pretty certain much of the wine we had consumed was now covering us and the bed in the form of sweat. Honestly, I don’ t know just how long it took both of us to catch our breath. Well her breathing had been normal for a while. Slow and easy, but not sleep type breathing. She must have been waiting for me to catch up before speaking.

So, your friend, does he drive a truck too?” she asked.

Um, no. Is that what you were thinking of this entire time?” I both responded and queried.

She laughed “No, my mind was otherwise occupied, but I’ve wanted to ask the question since the bar. You two don’t look like friends.”

Were not. We also aren’t enemies. He’s a coworker I’m stuck with until I figure out who I pissed off in upper management bad enough to stick me with him.” I explained.

So, it’s a company you both work for?”

Don’t. Seriously. The less you know the better off you are. I’m not trying to impress you to get in your pants and I wasn’t at the bar. Despite your situation in life you are a good person. Remain ignorant of this. View me as a dildo with a pulse and let it lie” I instructed.

I know you’re serious, but who would I tell?” she begged turning towards me.

Anyone. Your best friend. The most inconsequential person you know. An email you shouldn’t have sent. Hell, it could be another me sitting at that very same bar and when they hear it, let’s just say, they will end up back at your place and it won’t go like it did tonight. We do a very ugly thing. Hopefully for the right reasons, definitely for the paycheck and the odds any of us will retire to a normal mundane life are pretty much nonexistent.”

Why do you do it then?” she asked softly.

I would like to say I was young and dumb and full of cum but in truth I was about your age when I started. Others were selected in high school and groomed through college. Most don’t pass the grooming process, or at least I’m told. While high school may not have been a great success for you, even more wipe out in college trying to find themselves. Get too heavy into drugs. Get arrested. Join some radical protest group. Once you start building an inconvenient past, you become less attractive. Many kids who start school drop out of college pursuing other interests. Those with inconvenient records find their scholarships terminated or just kicked out of college. You remember the news story about those frat boys with video of them singing some racist rap song on a bus then getting their frat house closed down. A bunch of them may have even been kicked out of school.”

She nodded.

Well, you’re no longer desirable when you have something like that in your history. Once it is on the Internet it can’t really be cleaned.”

You still haven’t answered my question, why do you do it then?”

I would like to say ‘the money was too good, Mal.’” Pausing to gauge her reaction. When she stared at my blankly I sighed “But sadly you don’t recognize that reference. Anyway, I was already making good money in the computer world. They approached me because I was unique. A skill set which let me travel around the country without question. Hell, lots of us traveled internationally. Not the hacker types you hear about to day but large business systems on real computers with real operating systems, not the pathetic things on PC hardware in use today.”

That wasn’t interesting by itself. I had grown up rural, was fairly patriotic, a more than decent shot and I had a CDL. They had some other name for my personality too. When they went back and looked at my high school ASVAB they found the right answers to certain questions. I just scored too low on other sections to be of interest to them that year. When they approached me for the first assignment, I took it.”

Why do you do it then?” she asked softly. “Wait? What did you mean by ‘that reference?’ Is that supposed to be some super secret spy code for your contact? Do they always send some hot chick woman to haul your ashes royally before she gives you the next assignment?”

Chuckling at her sudden hint of jealousy twinged sarcasm “Some day you will be watching a classic Science Fiction series which lived briefly but has an ever growing legion of fans. You will hear that line and it will all make sense. I will not tell you what it is and don’t go searching for that line on the Internet so you can watch a one minute clip and claim to understand. If you take nothing away from this encounter, understand that beautiful women looking for a good man not only watch, but learn to love Science Fiction. Sports gets you beer guzzling losers, especially football and chick flicks are radio active man repellent, exterminating all hopes of finding a decent guy.”

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