A Glass Half Full

We’ve all been tempted to say: I’m  a glass half-full kind of guy. Okay, well how do you square that when the rest is in your lap?  The answer is easy. You smile and say to yourself, there’s not another person waiting for this job interview with a lap like mine. How could they not remember me? Now, go wow them with your grasp of the job. Straight line, linear, and directly for your goal.

Believe you’ll be successful.  Put away the beads and incense, I’m serious. If you this accept as true, the odds are better than when you’re down on yourself. In love and a dozen other human endeavors, working at something, making decisions and  driving relentlessly  toward your goal simply makes sense. You’re making decisions that put you closer to what you want. For instance, instead of a week’s worth of latté’s, buy the new shirt for your interview.  Will that always work? Heck no. Does it beat the odds? Better than standing in line at Starbucks waiting to be discovered.

Take chances. I’m not talking about the guy putting twenty bucks on a horse that hasn’t run in six months. But the odds are so good, he says.  I’m due. When the horse finishes last, so does he. “Chances” are opportunities that peek at us from around a corner. They offer hard work and commitment, and usually involve sleepless nights. Do chances pay off? Did the betting window?

Here’s a last thought. Get out and meet people. Each one is a survivor. They’ve bounced back from the jaws of defeat, too. How do I know? Because I’ve been bitten. You’ve been bitten. We’ve all been there. If you’re a writer, write, don’t bitch. Love the writing because it’s yours. Letting angry words reach your lips, means they take flight, and meaning, and will forever remain in your atmosphere.  I once had this bush in the backyard. Instead of taking the frustration inside where the kids and the wife live, I’d beat-up  that bush. I’d also mouth all the things that were wrong with my world. I thought, what a good boy I am, just to let it all hang out in private.


The problem was that darn bush (might have been raspberries) kept all my crap alive and well. So, when I revisited my little house of horrors, the past and present waited for me. My lesson? Forget the bush, and swallow the mean and angry words.  Do you hear all the pseudo psychos out there gasping? Ya gotta let it all hang out, bro! Baloney, I say. As long as all those mean words of anger never breathe free air, you’re allowed to swallow and forget them. Soon enough they’ll be eliminated…no metaphors, please. I think you get my drift.

Glass half-full people have many things in common, not the least of which is looking at life as a one way street. In truth, you’ll not pass this way again. Don’t fret, that’s just the way life is. Be willing to take a chance and don’t dwell on the demons of regret and anger. Move on.

Always remember the adage of the old pilot: Laughing in the face of death is pure stupidity. Making a plan to avoid the SOB, pretty dang smart.


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