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Tuesday’s Five Minute Flash Fiction #8: Prompt “Giving”

This piece/challenge is the last installment of the 8 pieces of Five Minute Flash Fiction planned for the Summer season.  If you’re a writer/participant and wish for the team of writers at I.A. to continue the weekly Flash Fiction initiative, please leave a comment. Giving Michael and Heather Stone had a monthly routine for paying their household bills. This usually meant on second Thursday evenings, the two of them would convene around the dining room table with a pizza, a couple of cans of beer, and Heather’s laptop.  Neither of them enjoyed the monthly ritual, but in recent years after becoming “empty nesters” they’d made the best of the chore. Heather logged into their on-line account using their bank’s secure Internet server. “Honey, could you come over here and take… Read more >

Tuesday’s Five Minute Flash Fiction #7: Prompt “Broken”

Broken The two young men stood on the bluff, the hoods of their thick sweatshirts pulled over their heads, their arms stiff, pressing both hands deep into the pockets of their faded jeans in an effort to ward off the chill of the morning breeze.  The wind blew cold from the inland valley and then offshore to the lines of waves marching in from the North Pacific.  It was what they were hoping for. As so often happened when the sun warmed the earth from inland, the winds would invariably shift to an on shore direction and blow hard enough to destroy any hope the surfers would have of satisfying what became an addiction for both of them. They were driven to wake early on winter mornings in hopes of… Read more >

Tuesday’s Five Minute Flash Fiction #6: Prompt “Weather”

Whenever I think of weather, I think of the days and nights I paid close attention to it during my tenure as a USAF pilot.  The short piece below is a result of reflecting on those times.  Now that I confine myself to my most reliable day-night-all-weather vehicle, I no longer get tense. I always have the option of stopping my car on the side of the road in the dark of night when it is raining so hard I can no longer see the road ahead. (Gregory S. Lamb – Author of “The People In Between:  A Cyprus Odyssey” and “A Dangerous Element”) Avaino Air Base Italy November 1992 After a morning of persistent fog, the weather lifted enough for Captain Mark “Skip” Chandler to launch on another reconnaissance mission to… Read more >

Tuesday’s Five Minute Flash Fiction #5: Prompt “Backbone”

When I think of a Honeymoon, I think of a warm sunny place in the sand.  Perhaps the Millers spent theirs on a beach far away? Backbone Karen Miller was enjoying her life as a newlywed.  The honeymoon had been over for six months and her love for Brian continued to grow each day.  Brian, sitting at the dining room table with his laptop open and a blank screen staring back at him was almost too much for Karen to ignore. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Writing.” Karen looked at the laptop’s screen then back at her husband and shook her head. “Really?  Doesn’t that involve writing down some words?” Brian nodded.  “Yes, normally it does, but right now I’m thinking and I’m already ninety seconds into my five… Read more >

Tuesday’s Five Minute Flash Fiction #4: Prompt – Myths

When I was a middle school student, I had a tendency to classify “myths” as ancient stories written and told by Greeks and Romans.  Through the years, I learned  a bit more about myths.  Myth, Fact, or Fiction – You Decide It was two days before Jake’s mind was stable enough for him to figure out that he was in Ward 8 at Bethesda’s Navel Hospital in Washtington D.C.  Before that he was on a ride like none he’d ever experienced. He was still piecing together the chronology of events that brought him before the panel of military medical professionals who required his presence in their conference room.  Jake wasn’t ready to share anything of value with them as they were all of junior rank and he was still uncertain… Read more >

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