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Elysian Fields with Johnny

I’m rather new to my residence, as well as circumstance. Most of the others walk about downcast and gloomy, a condition new to me, not that I can actually see them, of course. I’d always thought of myself as cheerful … well, not exactly cheerful, maybe cheery like a step or two beneath happy. But, definitely, not sad. As I happened by the nurse’s station, that’s my description of the cubicle and desk, I noticed a laptop sitting unattended. The internet doesn’t make it here to my knowledge, and I sort of miss it. So, this was new and exciting. I sat down and booted up the machine, but only MSWord appeared. Okay, better than nothing. What else could I write, other than, The quick brown fox jumps over the… Read more >

Dear Eddie

A letter to my best friend. You’ve missed a lot of my life since we saw each other last. The night I drove to your Maryland house would have been the last time…if we’d made a connection. So, I guess the honor will go to our final senior college summer in Tonawanda. You know, I didn’t mind the three-hour drive from Virginia actually, but I was sorry to miss you. That was a show stopper. When your daughter answered the phone, she said you were out. She sounded so grown up. Naturally, I didn’t introduce myself. What was I going to say to a twelve-year-old? “Hi. I’m the friend your dad hasn’t seen in twenty some years.” That would have been just too weird. So I drove by and headed… Read more >

My Life as a Liberal

Life is a process. We were all liberals at some point, right? I certainly was and marched with the kids at FAMU, wept when JFK, RFK, MLK and the music died. None of us, however, is just one thing or another. Have you seen “Charlie Wilson’s War” with Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman? The movie portrayed real-life people recognizing the old Soviet Union was, in fact, our enemy. Pure and simple. Charlie, a congressman from Texas spent time, political capital, parlaying friendships, and took huge chances to fund the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Decision made with no ifs, ands, or buts.  Years were spent until the Soviets finally gave up and negotiated their departure. Charlie parlayed a few million dollars in a black ops budget into… Read more >

Chronically Less Than Perfect

Even on that furthest of horizons, I’ll never forget the admonition: If you look hard enough, you’ll always find one more thing that could be done better.  Buried deep in an old movie, the hero commanding officer remains vigilant for the slightest imperfection. And in doing so, ignites the climax to an interwoven plot of desperation and solitude. As a bona fide member of the human race, flaws are in my DNA. That doesn’t mean every drill sergeant or dad hasn’t had a piece of me urging…or berating…I improve a wholly less than perfect effort. After enough decades on the planet, I’m here to tell you whoever said, “That’s good enough” had merit and rates high in my book as a satisfactory alternative to perfection. I recently rushed a writing… Read more >

Lunch Time Pabulum

A local group recently asked me to speak at lunch. I accepted, humbled and grateful. Getting a book known, even locally is an amazingly tough task. Talking over lunch time crowd has challenges too, not the least of which is to keep my remarks somewhat inconsequential. I don’t want anyone choking on the jambalaya. The whole reason for my invitation was to talk about my newest book Camelot Games. To distill ninety thousand words and intertwined plots and characters into a half hour talk is no small task. So as not to upset any literati hidden in my group, I planned only to touch on the book’s theme and leave the rest alone. While I of course, know my theme (I did write it, after all), I wondered how to… Read more >

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