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Ode to the Lemming

A friend of mine doesn’t just dislike influence peddling conglomerates, he’s written books and will, at the drop of your hat, launch into a tirade why Amazon, Microsoft, and many others spell the doom of our life and society as we know it. I’ve always greatly enjoyed his rants but frankly remained a tad skeptical about someone who claims to see into our shared future. Until now. On March 1, 2017 Amazon quietly enacted an internal policy allowing third-party sellers to compete for the “Buy Box” for books and other goods. You may be aware that I share a bit of Amazon’s cyberspace with about a million other authors and three million books. The publishers of my books (AEC Stellar, Pearl River Press, and The Wild Rose Press) had at… Read more >

Layers and Reflections

A quick note: This missive, previously published unearthed itself when a recent milestone flowed under my bridge. I offer it again, or for the first time if you missed the earlier version. A friend recently put me in contact with a piece of my old life, something layed far behind me, and I’d thought, gone for ever. I’m examining that decision…the one rejecting having anything to do with an ugly year in a beautiful land. So forgive the repetition, and enjoy my humble thoughts. Ollie And now, Layers and Reflections: Oh, groan. Another birthday, a milestone. Another layer of wrinkles as if life were some sort of onion. Hopefully, no one will remember this year and I’ll slip under the radar. In a world of instant communication and a universal… Read more >

Who’s Afraid…

A recent TED talk (Technology, Entertainment, Design) via Podcast and earphones caught my attention this week. By caught I mean, a piece of broken pavement and had it not been for our three-legged dog, I might have been down for the count. TED wants me to wake up early (thirty minutes) and dash off my thoughts before I get out of bed. I dunno. Ms Porter’s “3 Minute Read” claims she does just that. Back in a 2014 Fast Company article, she spoke about the leisure of the morning routine, contemplation over a croissant, flip on the light and take out the pen. A lot of us have a little issue with that. Maybe the person sleeping next to you might not appreciate the early bell. I know the dog… Read more >

An Open Letter To My Congressman

Hi Steven It’s been a while since we talked. I’m sending this email because of HR 2997. This bill is a counterproductive piece of legislation that seeks to privatize an important function of the Federal Aviation Administration. In this case, the FAA is one of the few federal bureaucracies that actually works and does a good job for the citizenry. If enacted, a private entity would be created and dominated by the airlines and their employee groups to run the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system. The public, through Congress, would have no sway over this disastrous new contractor entity. In our ever-traveling society, the reversal of such a highly effective government service would prove catastrophic and squelch the aviation entrepreneur, needlessly encumber non-airline aviation, add taxes where they need not… Read more >

History’s Apple Tree

Yesterday, Senator John McCain underwent surgery to remove a blood clot. The doctors discovered cancer. More specifically, Glioblastoma or GB, a particularly nasty and non-survivable kind of cancer no sane person would wish on another. Even though Mr. McCain and I have disagreed on nearly everything in the last decade, he nevertheless always had my respect not only for his past as a young man and North Vietnamese POW, but because he never gave up fighting for what he believed. A worthy opponent in every battle he waged. I have no doubt he’ll fight this one. He’s a man used to beating tough odds. I write this missive however, not on this depressing news, but about the myriad of ribald and rude comments that followed Mr. McCain’s recent confusion during… Read more >

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