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Dark Mornings

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I’ll won’t forget the morning looking over the rim of sandy Chaco Canyon. “Oh, we’re so lucky to be here!” she said. I agreed and recalled looking around with wonder at red flat-topped mountains, distant green pines climbing high, and even Mt. Taylor far in the distance, its perfect conical shape, a fixture steeped in Navajo legend. Are anymore of… Read more »

A Glass Half Full

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We’ve all been tempted to say: I’m  a glass half-full kind of guy. Okay, well how do you square that when the rest is in your lap?  The answer is easy. You smile and say to yourself, there’s not another person waiting for this job interview with a lap like mine. How could they not remember me? Now, go wow… Read more »

Mourning Coffee

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I’m not really sure how it happened, but I’m an Earl Grey with heavy bergamot kind of guy. Do you know the flavor? Sort of a fruity citrus. I’d always been a coffee type – Marine aviator, early morning black tar suitable only for chunks carved with your survival knife. The kind that stains even the hardest of porcelain or… Read more »

A Slice Of Relaxation

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Success in life is the reason for all your hard work, right? You wouldn’t bust your buns because failing was your secret goal. At some point, the success translates into something measurable. Ever use the saying, “That and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee?” Adjusted for inflation, naturally, we all magically turn our successes into ducats, and… Read more »

Time and Tide Wait For No Man…to grow up

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Do not remember the sins of my youth, but remember me – Psalm 25:7 ………….. Jake waved to the bartender he’d known for the better part of two decades. “Hey, hon,” Margie said “Same?” “You bet,” Jake said, and shed his coat. A man shooting pool looked up and nodded. No pool tonight, especially after you got me for ten bucks and… Read more »