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Free Stuff and Thanks for the Memories

I’m not about to join the crowd condemning “free stuff” coming from our government … make that, coming from our tax money as distributed by our government’s politicians. To walk the fine line between those who need and those who take for granted will only lead to frustration, rancor, and internal conflict no one should be forced to undergo more than once in a lifetime. Instead, I want to address yesterday’s media’s treatment of free stuff, we can’t afford. Social Security payments and Medicare support. Hardly a handout, those Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennia should remember that little 7% dollop that disappears from their paychecks.  You are getting paid, right? Their parents paid it, and likely they’ll continue to pay it too. If they number among the brave entrepreneurs… Read more >

Living Life Without a Second Chance

No one’s perfect. We all need another shot at the goal once in a while, and even then, we must live with the consequences of the miss. Feel bad for the guy who never gets a second try. Like you, I’ve sat in the audience and listened to a lot of leaders over the years. Most have a common trait when addressing employees, their fighting unit, or even, the company’s sales representatives heading back to their districts. It doesn’t matter who or what they are because we’ve all been in the peanut gallery when our leaders use “podium speak.” Out their mouths come the platitudes and banalities, the substitutes for everyday talk. The speakers generally avoid four-lettered expletives and gloss over untruths. Feel-good postulations abound and are designed and usually… Read more >

Critical Thinking

Should we scrap the Electoral College system? Before we bring this to a Constitutional convention or a vote, will those who haven’t read their history please do so, and then put a sock in it? The EC has become more relevant in the age of technology, not less as many would have us believe. To theorize that Wyoming voters have four times the “power” of Texas voters because of a smaller population (3 EC votes in WY vs. 35 EC in TX) doesn’t hold civics-class water. Every citizen regardless of residency is charged with an individual responsibility when voting. National elections are no different than local. No one is immune from television, internet, radio, whistle stops, daily baloney, or over-the-fence conversations unless that person consciously chooses to ignore current events…. Read more >

Elysian Field’s and the Four-Minute Miler

Mel’s post came in late. In fact, the post arrived and he didn’t bother saying hello. Pretty unusual for such an upbeat guy doing an interesting job. I decided we all had off days now and then, and let it go. I read his brief interview and understood better. As given to me by Mel of Elysian Fields, unedited. ~Ollie Mel: “Mr. Santee?” I heard more than saw the man as he stepped up. “You’re waiting for me, right? The almost-ran.” I squirmed just a bit. “If you’re the runner, I am, although describing you as an also-ran isn’t really accurate.” “No kidding? Even after getting suspended from the AAU, accused of cheating on my meal vouchers … America’s big hope of beating the Brits and Aussies?” I got even… Read more >

A Personal Shot in the Dark

My personal shot in the dark for a new year came a bit painfully. A short while ago, I drove alone to the airport and instead of tuning into my own thoughts, I listened to a Glen Beck rerun. Charles Sykes, the talk show host, reviewed his book How the Right Lost Its Mind. Intriguing title but I simply wasn’t in the mood to hear more Trump, Clinton, or Bernie bashing. A person can take only so much. I did, however, stay long enough to hear Sykes ask why conservatives decide to overlook so many self-inflicted gaffs, and then, justify themselves by ignoring the blunder and focus on the other side’s “false news.” Really? Of course, it’s false. Propaganda’s been around since Madison and Monroe squared off over an errant… Read more >

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