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Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 59

I was rather surprised when HR stood to look. “No . . . I suppose she is not . . .” HR finally said. “We can handle her via other means.” “For all she knows, I’m an MMA fighter not yet good enough to be televised” I said into the air. “Slim is certainly big enough to be one and so is Stretch. Giant could be their manager or from some other league.” “I’ve always liked the way you think on your feet” Giant offered. “Either way works for me. Hell, both can work. I manage in one league and fight in another. There are cash only MMA fighting places all over this city.” “Now, about this termination . . .” I said, looking HR directly in the horn rimmed… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 58

That did it. Pretty little thing bolted from the conference room and we all noticed the large wet spot on the floor. Her very expensive suit and nowhere near cheap stockings just had years taken off their life. Stretch actually looked stunned. Softly, without actually knowing he said it we all heard “How did something so fragile get hired by this firm?” “I had the same question” I responded. “Why don’t you ask HR before she bellows again?” Slim still held HR’s gaze. They were in a childhood staring match and there was no way he would lose. I’ve seen him stare without blinking for close to an hour. Even with tears streaming down his face he will not yield. The reason Slim didn’t play football or engage in other… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 57

“You actually going by Branson now?” queried Slim. “I’d have to look at my driver’s license to be sure” I responded. “Mr. Branson! You are in enough trouble already and so are they! You do not need to drag them into your end of the pond” bellowed HR again. The pretty little thing was frozen in place. Giant, Stretch and Slim had taken chairs on both sides of me. They cared even less about this meeting than I did. The pretty little thing was wide eyed and sheet white, physically unable to move. Obviously went to one of those colleges with “safe zones” and “trigger word warnings.” She went there a baby trying to educate herself into being a woman of the world, but graduated more of an infant than… Read more >

The Malignant Tumor Grows in Size – Pt. 1

Some people thought I was just being funny when I said Amazon (AMZN) was a malignant tumor which would one day end the human race. They are laughing a bit less loud now that Amazon is launching its own shipping service, seeking to put both FedEx (FDX) and UPS (UPS) out of business. It’s about time the human species break from the “Me and My” syndrome I wrote about in “John Smith” because chemotherapy won’t work if one waits much longer. Amazon has been negatively impacting everyone since it was created during Syphilis Willies “Information Super Highway” fraud. Creating a global village without creating a global village council first just to get elected so he could collect even more bribes via future foundation donations. There is not a community with… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 56

She’s Human Resources, not management. That explains why the eye candy greeter was here. To put sacrificial lambs at ease. Unless there was a sniper across the street using an optical scope without a laser sight, this lamb wasn’t going alone or along with the plan. After a moment of us staring at each other, she broke first. Reaching in her briefcase she said “We noticed you used an ATM on the way here. Rather risky in a big city.” She pulled out an envelop with a wad of cash in it and slid it over to me. I had no illusions. It wasn’t a gift. They took it out of one of my accounts. “How come it took you twelve hours to make a four hour drive?” she queried…. Read more >

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