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History’s Apple Tree

Yesterday, Senator John McCain underwent surgery to remove a blood clot. The doctors discovered cancer. More specifically, Glioblastoma or GB, a particularly nasty and non-survivable kind of cancer no sane person would wish on another. Even though Mr. McCain and I have disagreed on nearly everything in the last decade, he nevertheless always had my respect not only for his past as a young man and North Vietnamese POW, but because he never gave up fighting for what he believed. A worthy opponent in every battle he waged. I have no doubt he’ll fight this one. He’s a man used to beating tough odds. I write this missive however, not on this depressing news, but about the myriad of ribald and rude comments that followed Mr. McCain’s recent confusion during… Read more >

RadioShack Refuses to Die!

Most of you reading this blog are probably too young to remember when RadioShack was cool. I know Ollie remembers because he even gave one of his characters a job at RadioShack, but most of you probably cannot remember the days of the Trash-80 (TRS-80) or Realistic car stereos. Before we had every retailer under the sun horning in on the low priced tech gadgets market, we had RadioShack. Today we have news that RadioShack will live again. One can wonder if they will bother bringing back the Realistic audio line. It made sense back when most auto manufacturers didn’t give a hoot about car stereos. They begrudgingly gave us AM/FM radios. A few offered an 8-track or cassette as an option back then. Today it’s not just a car… Read more >

A Genuine Synthetic Life – Part 1

Synthetic Wine Cork

The title is much more entertaining if you read it aloud using your best Mr. Haney voice and pronounce it jen-you-wine. We have slowly but steadily been moving to a synthetic existence. Somehow we find this better than a real existence, or at least Millenials do. Our synthetic existence started long ago with the introduction of plastics into our lives. A great many things went from being made with either wood or metal to plastic, even whistles and clothing. How many of you are old enough to have actually worn a Leisure Suit? Well, you can probably find them at thrift shops around the country because they will never biodegrade. Laugh all you want, but much of the clothing in your closet has some level of plastic in it. What?… Read more >

Book Review – Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan

5 Star Review:  Exquisitely written – thoughtful, honest, credible, and adventurous When I heard about Mr. Finnegan’s memoir, chronicling his lifetime of surfing adventures intertwined with his journey as a writer, I knew it would be one of the best books I’ve read. Readers who have never surfed a wave or had any interest in the surfing lifestyle will still find this work well worth reading.  Finnegan has a knack for smooth beautiful writing that will evoke emotions both familiar and otherwise. This memoir is more than a story of one man’s life’s journeys and adventures.  It is an exploration of what it means to be devoted, almost entirely to a way of life.  With Barbarian Days, Finnegan created an avenue for the non-surfer to become immersed in what a relationship with the ocean… Read more >

Review X-Men: Apocalypse

★★☆☆☆ Had I found an easy way to generate 2.5 stars I might have given this that rating. This wasn’t quite as bad a movie as 2 stars makes it sound. It also isn’t something you should leap to put on your rental list. My biggest problem with this movie is the franchise keeps jumping around so much you really can’t tell what order to watch things. Since I’m not a 12 year old boy living and breathing comic books, I expect the franchise to keep the story line straight. Most of you will probably need a guide to help understand this rant. Title Year Released X-Men 2000 X2 2003 X-Men: The Last Stand 2006 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2009 The Wolverine 2013 Logan 2017 Prequels Title Year Released X-Men: First… Read more >

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