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Cheap Wine May Disappear for a While

Normally I couldn’t care a whit about California, well, I would care even less about it if my two cousins would come to their senses and return to America from it. Hollywood movies aren’t even shot in Hollywood anymore so each day California has even less to like about it. Given it has Google’s headquarters, most of the EU probably hates the entire state. I’ve also never understood why a state which is regularly drought stricken would pursue a dairy industry. Dairy cows need massive amounts of water so it is best suited for Great Lakes regions. Having said all of that, and I could go on for hours, the bulk of our low cost wines come from a region which is currently burning. Napa and Sonoma Valleys are currently… Read more >

My Orphan – Pt. 2

Arrival I have several rules about bars I go into. No Karaoke. No coin operated pool tables. No quarter drafts or pitchers of beer served. So, here we sit. This bar not only has all three, it is adding insult to injury by playing country music, at least what passes for country music these days. Basically the industry is re-labeling old Rock and Roll songs as country because country died a long time ago and they can’t admit the market is gone. I can remember when the Eagles were young and releasing their first few albums. They were banned from country music stations because their music was Rock and Roll. Now those same songs are somehow labeled Country. Yes, the bull shit just keeps getting piled deeper. If it was… Read more >

The Real Amazon Headquarters Selection Criteria

Cities, states and governors are falling all over themselves and, most likely, offering up huge quantities of our tax dollars, to lure the great malignant tumor Amazon (AMZN) to their location. Nobody really thought to dig on the “why?” Most just assumed it was because there was absolutely nobody left, including vacation visa workers, who would go to the left coast and spend more for housing than they grossed at their job. Nah. While that is true, it is not the real reason. The malignant tumor which will one day end the human race is looking to metastasis to avoid some potentially harsh radiation therapy. Yes, Kim Young Fool is foolish enough to believe that haircut is a good look. Of course others are foolish enough to believe a fake… Read more >

My Orphan – Pt. 1

Long ago I started writing what I hoped would become an interlocking trilogy. Some of you may have heard me speak of the interlocking trilogy before. There are basically two types of interlocking trilogy. The first is the tree ring trilogy. In truth, when writing a tree ring, it doesn’t have to be a trilogy. Each ring completely encompasses the previous ring building on it. While such a tale is a series, it is not serial nor does a reader actually need to read the inner books to enjoy the current. Yes, you write this story from the center ring out. Readers may choose to read it from the outside in or the inside out or they may just randomly pick one out of the middle. While they won’t get… Read more >

A Never Ending Supply of Orphans

The Internet and cheap computers enables any moose with ears to write and publish without editing pretty much anything they want. Content on the Internet seems to double every six months while the quality of the Internet seems to be cut by half in half that time. So much drivel is being spewed that, even though more books are being sold than ever, most “published” works are selling fewer than ten copies if any at all. On the Internet you can find many places which let “authors” publish stories for free in hopes of one day getting a book deal or donation. A good many writers have attempted to write a “serial story.” They do this so they can, in theory, shorten the time between writing and getting paid. Some… Read more >

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