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Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 19

“I noticed you didn’t answer that part about beautiful women hauling your ashes . . . and thanks for not offering back the compliment I set up so perfectly for you!” she exclaimed, a bit heated towards the end. “Is it too much to ask for just a kind word after sex? It’s a good thing you seemed intelligent and that you know how to row the boat because your pillow talk sucks!” With that she slugged me in the shoulder. “Thank you for reminding me of why I never got married.” Admittedly I was a bit stunned when she started beating on my shoulders and chest with closed fists, planting herself over my torso slapping my face with all she had left. “Never, ever say that!” she screamed at… Read more >

Little Brother

Johns Smith cover

The following is an excerpt from “John Smith – Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars.” This book was written in an interview style. JS is used to indicate John Smith speaking and SK is used to indicate Susan Krowley, the “reporter” interviewing him. JS: Back in 1949 an author by the name of George Orewell published a novel titled “1984”. It was a look into the future and basically created the concept in society of “Big Brother”. This “Big Brother” was a government, any government really, which would watch over you like a child. Your life would be monitored and controlled 24 hours per day. The dictionary would not grow in size, but shrink as words and thoughts were continually restricted. Anyone who possessed a thought against the government,… Read more >

Goodbye Malcolm

AC/DC CD image

It was a moment of sadness driving to visit my father today. The radio said Malcolm Young had passed away. This was the band sweeping the country as I was exiting High School. Honestly “Back in Black” was the first 8-track I ever owned. Okay, if you must know, the second was Charlie Daniels Band “Million Mile Reflections,” but that is not relevant now. “Back in Black” was and still is ground breaking. This one album is so ingrained into global culture the Iron Man movies keep using cuts from it because there simply isn’t anything better. The title track was reportedly the only track on the album the original lead singer, Bon Scott, sang. It was written about him and his hard living lifestyle. Turned out to be predictive,… Read more >

The Minimum You Need to Know About Voodoo Economics

It’s almost impossible to avoid hearing about “Voodoo Economics” this week. The Republican tax plan, either one, is a bigger train wreck than any of their health care plans, and I say that having been born a Republican. We have the best government money can buy, just look at the tax plan. Bought and paid for by groups with money funding yet another tax cut for the rich by raising taxes on the middle income and poor. Ultimately it is designed to purge the country of “undesirables” who want a living wage by denying them health care, forcing them to flee this country as refugees. How did we get here? Easy, people don’t understand that a one time fix only works once. After you fire a bullet you can drop… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 18

It was either the end of the first round or the fifth. I guess it depends on who was counting. I certainly hadn’t physically exerted myself like that in over a decade. There was no mystery left as to how she ended up with three kids. I may not have heard the story of the third, but right now I didn’t have to. I was in the process of both dying and getting my vision to uncross. I’m sure the wine had a bit to do with it but I’m also pretty certain much of the wine we had consumed was now covering us and the bed in the form of sweat. Honestly, I don’ t know just how long it took both of us to catch our breath. Well… Read more >

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