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A Signature Story

Every person has a story and a dream at some point in their life. If we listen, everyone has a lesson, too. We don’t always need our ears to hear. I started this communiqué with five hundred words about “Signature Stories.” They’re a little narrative about us, easy to remember, intriguing, and genuine. They offer an engaging and strategic message to promote our work or our product. The commercial us. The erase button took all that away last weekend. My wife surprised me when she asked for two single dollar bills from my wallet. We sat in traffic just leaving consumerism’s paradise-on-earth, a Costco warehouse. We bought far more than was needed and were headed home to put our booty away. As we pulled closer for our turn at the… Read more >

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – It’s Part of Your Life

Quite honestly, this sequel just might be better than the original. Everybody gets the joke now and they pull in even more obscure and wonderful music memories. It was good to see Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone making appearances in this one and hey, it wouldn’t be GuA without continued references to David Hasselhoff. This movie series may be based on a comic book, but, it’s really for the north of 50-somethings who grew up reading comic books as kids. The real hook pulling us in is all of the great songs they pull out of the 1970s MOR (Middle Of the Road) radio play lists. Another great aspect of this franchise is they take their cheesiness seriously, not the storyline. Every one of the actors seems to buy into the… Read more >

Lies, Damned Lies and Exit Polls

This post won’t surface until September, but it is being written in January after whiling away a few hours on a UseNet newsgroup where people obviously don’t take their medication on a regular basis. This time the discussion, such that it was, centered around “exit polls.” I’ve noticed various shows on NPR and other media outlets have been rehashing the whole exit poll election prediction thing again this past week so, you ought to be ready to hear about it again in September. People quote exit polls as if they are Holy Scripture and not to be questioned. In truth, exit polls are just a touch less than criminal fraud but that touch is so small you need an electron microscope to measure it. Most fraud outlets will refer to… Read more >

Lunch Time Pabulum

A local group recently asked me to speak at lunch. I accepted, humbled and grateful. Getting a book known, even locally is an amazingly tough task. Talking over lunch time crowd has challenges too, not the least of which is to keep my remarks somewhat inconsequential. I don’t want anyone choking on the jambalaya. The whole reason for my invitation was to talk about my newest book Camelot Games. To distill ninety thousand words and intertwined plots and characters into a half hour talk is no small task. So as not to upset any literati hidden in my group, I planned only to touch on the book’s theme and leave the rest alone. While I of course, know my theme (I did write it, after all), I wondered how to… Read more >

Life’s Forgotten Absurdities

“The human super power is forgetting. Who knew?” That line is from a “Doctor Who” episode when Clara Oswald was still his companion. It’s a line which means more each and every year. In truth it might turn out to be one of the more pivotal/influential lines ever uttered by any Dr. Who. Most of you Millenials are too young to understand it. In fact, most of you are at the age where you are still doing the stupid stuff you will later wish to make go away. For you though, making it go away will be all but impossible. How many of you are paying attention to the unreadable fine print of those agreements you just click on before posting pics of yourself either naked or doing stupid stuff… Read more >

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