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An Open Letter to Elon Musk

Dear Mr. Musk, You don’t know me from Adam. Even if you visit the site for my geek books you pretty much could be ignoring me, but I hope you won’t. I’m writing to you because of all the high flying vulture capital backed people in the press, you are probably the only one who would actually take a stab at this. The water electric hybrid. Both 2016 and 2017 have passed since I wrote that article, but I didn’t address it directly at you so you probably missed it. You already have some beautiful to look at electric cars, but, the electric car industry is hampered by a lack of charging stations, range of travel, not to mention the custom cables usually required for charging. Before your electric vehicles… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 61

In a very cold voice she chewed out the words “While you are in this room you will not talk about penises, holes, foursomes or utter any other phrases which can be taken in a sexual context.” Somehow she managed to not blink while saying that. I wondered if we could make that entire sentence fit on a tombstone? Softly, like a sunrise just beginning on realization, Giant said “Oh my God . . . she’s a WIMINS!” That sudden gay intake of breath. It’s another thing the English language is ill equipped to describe, especially when Stretch does it. Most people don’t realize it, but you can’t put on a gay cover and fake that. You can practice all you want. Read books. Watch movies. I’m told there are… Read more >

The Malignant Tumor Grows in Size – Pt. 2

While it may seem disingenuous to be writing a blog post about the evils of spending too much time online and how Amazon will end the human race, take a good look at this site. We advertise the books we wrote. All of us together put out less than 5 books per year. We aren’t a Facebook feed with Russian ads nor are we popup notifications about “free download for an hour” or suddenly reduced prices, etc. We are a measured quantity. At best, 1-2 posts per day on here. Many days having none. If the visitor traffic graph can be trusted, many of you are now treating this site as your Sunday paper. Coming in when you have time to relax and want to read something thought provoking which is… Read more >

How Do You Explain THAT to Your Insurance Company

Better hope you had insurance because odds are the construction company and building owner are just a bunch of paper shells having no living board members to sue! Come to think of it, how do all of those people in Florida explain it. In Illinois we just have corrupt politicians and no viable state budget. Seems a bit easier to deal with.

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 60

Giant turned toward me and said “Were going to go to Taco Bell after this, care to join us?” “Asshole” I chuckled. It was purely a reflex response. When I’m in character I can control any mental or habitual reflex. I’m not in character here, just using a fake name. Yeah, everybody in this room knew about the cod fish and the fact a meal at a chain Mexican restaurant would most definitely be my last. Like I said, we get along great. Slim heard the exchange and turned to smirk at us and utter with his gay lisp “The ass isn’t his only hole, but it’s a good one!” “We have a strict policy against sexual harassment which you have all violated in front of me!” barked HR. The… Read more >

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