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The Post-consumer Economy – part 2

Every scam has unforeseen consequences. Some say it is a pendulum which swings back, others say it is a rubber band which slips the finger of the stretcher once it is stretched to the point of breaking. It matters not how you visualize it, what matters is that you reserve some quiet time each day to which events are creating such forces so you do not get crushed when the swing the other way. People living in the suburbs with garages kept buying stuff until their garage got full, then they started renting garages at storage places. The storage business grew enough that people who lived in the high priced city, but had cars, began using them so they could have just a bit of stuff. Criminal fraud in business… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 29

“Okay. Would you also agree that you have noticed the marketing of products toward women has been more focused on making women please themselves without regard for others? At least with hair colors, clothing and scents?” I queried. “Are you saying we don’t have that right?” Melony asked in a surprisingly calm voice. “No. I’m answering your question” I replied. “I asked how a woman gets a guy like you!” she exclaimed. “And I’m explaining why the deck is stacked against you and all young women. It has nothing to do with you being a single mom, what you do for a living, or where you live.” “Continue” she said. “This marketing effort has been teaching women to live for themselves, not others. It is all sold under the banner… Read more >

Elysian Fields and the Professor

Mel claimed his interviewee never showed up. As I replied to his email, he sent another. The guy just appeared, out of breath and frazzled, but not apologetic. The man claimed it was his right as a forgetful professor to be perpetually late. Oh, well. He is or was Albert Einstein. They’re all dead over there, you know. Mel: “Sir. I really must protest–” “Ach. That’s just silly, Mel. Who cares if I’m a little late? What I have to tell you is very important. As if anyone is listening on the bright side.” I knew bright meant, the old alive world, but I protested anyway. “Over four hundred people tuned in last week. That’s not too–” “Only four hundred! That’s pathetic young man. Thousands, millions used to hang on… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 27

Finally, after what seemed like hours, she closed her eyes and dropped her head. There was a long exhale as she placed her head on my chest and an arm across my stomach. “Wow! Is this what the rabbit is really hoping for when it stops running?” I thought. Raising a hand and stroking her hair was a reflex. It happened when I started to feel my chest getting quite wet from her tears. All chances of a nice clean, got thrown out of the house exit were now gone. It was now obvious “paying my rent” didn’t just include the services already rendered. She was going to keep me trapped here until she talked just as much as she felt like talking. Even if I tried poking the bear… Read more >


The concepts of lifelong employees, destruction of corporate retirement systems, dissolution of all but the most minimal government pensions, dispersion of any sense of loyalty to the one who puts money in our pocket and food in the kid’s mouths are no more. Our last two generations and swaths of those who came before, have of late, launched into the netherworld of dreams, ambitions, successes, and failures. Good for them. I applaud every bruise on their chinny chin chins. That’s me in the stands clapping for you. Funny thing, too, about the older generations chasing their dreams these days. Early Boomers and Gen X have generally fought the system to a draw and now, have a little something for the times ahead. Today, the Greatest Generation and many Late Boomers… Read more >

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