How to Keep Your Stuff – Pt. 1

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Life teaches hard lessons. If you are lucky you get to learn those lessons by watching others experience them. For guys, this hard lesson is “how to keep your stuff.” The absolute best method of keeping your stuff is to never get married. No matter how you do the math with that spreadsheet there is no option where getting married… Read more »

That Pesky Polar Shift Thing

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As a writer you must be willing to be called all manner of impolite and downright in-hospitable things. Unless your journey into the long form will consist of nothing but warm fuzzy love stories, you must be prepared for this. Some realms of fiction, such as science fiction, give their writers a lot of freedom to express themselves and include… Read more »

Review – The Fallen Angel 3-Movie Collection

★★★☆☆ You have to love movie collections in the discount bin or at your local library. I think I paid $5 in the clearance bin some years ago, but you can hop onto and see if your local library has a copy. If this had been only a 2 movie set or if some studio would have made the… Read more »

Unfinished West

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Dedicated to the writers and readers of Crestview, Florida and her surrounding communities. Thanks for the memories. Jack stood in front of the painting. Something just didn’t ring true, so he turned to Ashley. “I can tell, Ash.” “No, you can’t,” she said. Her smile as enigmatic as another more famous face, albeit in Paris and not New York. “Even… Read more »

I Made This!

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I’ve got to say helping out with planting season gives one quite a bit of time riding around in a tractor listening to AM radio? Don’t our tractors have FM? Yes, they do. The fact you thought of or asked that question means you know nothing of rural life. FM, especially on the radios in the tractors of 10+ years… Read more »