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Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 43

Melony paused for a breath then continued, “Still, the news media will run the last attack 24×7 until the next attack, giving the terrorist group far more influence than they ever could get on their own. The news media gets more eyeballs and more advertising dollars. Oh they don’t stop with the attack, they dig into who the bomber was, their family, everything. They don’t stop digging and running it until the next attack. You may never get your however many virgins, but you will be immortalized in on-line news footage forever.” “That’s why you’re seeing more mass shootings now. The elitists who run the news agencies have found a way to push their agenda onto the populous while increasing their revenues. They believe if they can cause one more… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 42

“Aaaaaaaanyway” Melony signaled her displeasure at my not taking the bait, “back to the gun thing. Because of the corporal punishment which was in place, nobody said anything about the pickup trucks with guns in them during hunting season. No kid was going to shoot up the school.” She grew silent for a bit, closing her eyes. This girl was really fighting to stay awake. “Did you ever think the so called news outlets are really the world’s largest terrorist organization?” she asked sleepily. “I mean every one of them is owned or ran by elitist one percenters and they all have a gun control agenda.” “Like I said, nobody around here cared much about guns. Everybody had a brain, even the clueless people had that much of a brain…. Read more >

Cannot Remove Jeep Ignition Key

Probably a bit of background is in order. I bought this Jeep used on-line and sunk a ton of parts into it to save it from the auction. According to the sticker it was originally sold at some Fairway dealership in Kissimmee St. Cloud. I assume the original owner towed a boat which was too ^)(*&)(*ing heavy for it because the springs still need to be replaced. They put a K&N air intake and some kind of performance exhaust on. I’m not certain they didn’t chip the motor too because it seems to run different than most other Jeeps I know with the same 4.7 HO engine. Some time last summer it started having an intermittent problem when it came to getting the key out of the ignition. Seemed to happen more… Read more >

So You Think You Know Agriculture?

Growing up on and still helping with a family farm has kept me rather in touch with rural life. True, there are a whole bunch of trendy things going on which we’re not doing because they appear to be designed more for John Deere to sell unneeded equipment than to help a farmer’s bottom line. Honestly, the bottom end of the trend coming from the other direction has almost caught up to where we still are, so, we are both behind and ahead of the curve. As a general public we hear about alums making huge donations to keep the steroid crowd knocking heads on the grid irons of America, but we don’t often hear about the donations which help the other departments. The image at the top of this… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 41

Opening her eyes she said “I told you what has become of this housing park. Personally I never cared one way or the other when it came to guns. Lots of people around here hunted. During pheasant and shotgun deer season you could find at least a dozen guns in the pickup trucks in our high school parking lot. Nobody thought anything of it. Of course teachers could still spank kids then. Despite all of the flower child studies, it does correct behavior. Yes, sometimes teachers just liked to spank one or two kids far more than they should, but the flower power generation threw the baby out with the bathwater.” Sitting up she continued “You got a three day suspension for fighting in school back then. If your parents… Read more >

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