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Sprint Has the Worst Web Site Ever Created

I know, my other blog is the technology/IT blog, but . . . You need to consider the user experience whenever you do something. This includes writing your book, setting up its Web site and any Social Media presence. Just because someone “says it’s good” or it happens to be “priced right” doesn’t mean it is something you should do. For many months now my Consumer Cellular phone with AT&T SIM card has been servicing me well. After a series of storms I find times sitting in my office where there is no signal, but used to be 4 bars. This set me to poking around on Consumer Cellular, Republic Wireless and Sprint’s Web sites. Oh, I wasn’t thinking of actually getting Sprint. Been there, done that. Their coverage blows…. Read more >

Ode to the Lemming

A friend of mine doesn’t just dislike influence peddling conglomerates, he’s written books and will, at the drop of your hat, launch into a tirade why Amazon, Microsoft, and many others spell the doom of our life and society as we know it. I’ve always greatly enjoyed his rants but frankly remained a tad skeptical about someone who claims to see into our shared future. Until now. On March 1, 2017 Amazon quietly enacted an internal policy allowing third-party sellers to compete for the “Buy Box” for books and other goods. You may be aware that I share a bit of Amazon’s cyberspace with about a million other authors and three million books. The publishers of my books (AEC Stellar, Pearl River Press, and The Wild Rose Press) had at… Read more >


broken manlift image

I was reminded of this story when my brother and I were driving through a local town and a business was getting a rental man-lift delivered and now I choose to share it with you. At some level, even an Atheist assholes get theirs in the end. There are many different beliefs and many similar definitions attached to different words, all of which seem to center around what many call karma. For those unfamiliar with my definition of Karma: The universe seeks to purge assholes and Karma is how it does it. Regrettably there are more assholes than Karma so it takes a while to get to them all. This definition explains why Jamie Dimon is walking around free after committing his financial crimes of biblical proportions yet Bernie Madoff… Read more >

Amazon is a Malignant Tumor Which Will One Day End the Human Race

I have discussed this time and again with friends and colleagues and it is my personal opinion that Amazon is a malignant tumor which will one day end the human race. Personally I consider it a crime against the human race to do business with Amazon as either a buyer or a seller. If you find any of my books for sale on there you can be certain I didn’t fill the order. You most likely got someone pawning off a used review copy as “new.” Amazon and other Internet retailers managed to take off because there were no Internet sales taxes. The sales tax structure in America is a states rights debacle of biblical proportions. I had to work on one of those projects for a company selling goods… Read more >

Because Pregnancy is Contagious

A writer’s mind must always be looking for the truth behind the outlandish. I have no idea what snippet or previous of what cop/detective show the title came from. I just know it was years ago and it had the kind of shock factor required to take root in the back of my mind. Two women in suits or something like that were getting into a heated discussion in an office. I believe one of the women was supposed to be a detective and she was roundly chastising the female principal/super intendant of a school for forcing a pregnant girl to attend school from home. The female cop was going into all kinds of anger using every cliche’ from the headlines about stigmatizing/ostracizing/belittling girls who got pregnant. And finally when… Read more >

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