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And the Niche Markets Go Dark

It is easy to let the conspiracy theory portion of my mind to run wild hearing the news and, more importantly seeing the list of television stations now going dark due to the recent FCC auction. This was especially true when I say WYCC-Channel 20 of Chicago on the list. Channel 20 was an part of that “Children of a lesser PBS” crowd. They didn’t get the first run PBS shows, at least not the big hits. I remember seeing it when it first came on-line, quite by accident, flipping through some channels. It carried courses for City College and some children’s educational stuff. Some of you have probably seen my posts on how to cut the cord with today’s antenna television. When you start seeing those $100+/month cable/satellite bills… Read more >

A Question From A Reader About Little Rocket Man

This morning I found the following question in my inbox. I was looking over the synopsis on your 3 book series. Hmmmmm. With all the stuff going on right now, whitehouse, storms, russia, north korea…. any of that mentioned (in part correctly) in your books? You know, news before it became news? Russia and China play a critical part at the end of “Infinite Exposure” on into “Lesedi” but the storms and North Korea, no. In truth, North Korea isn’t really a player. China has always used them as a thumb in the eye of the United States. They also kept the dude’s brother alive because the plan was to change the government overnight if little rocket man went too far off the rails. Little rocket man killed his own… Read more >

The Hutch

The hutch image

Part of the problem with buying a really big “executive” mahogany looking module workstation some 25 years go is I always have to have a massive office to fit it in. (Probably why I consumed two bays of a 3 car garage over a decade ago and never left. A bit of carpet and central air goes well with all the room!) The other problem is between the hutch and drawers, I can save too much junk. If you think “the drawer” was bad, you have have no idea how bad “the hutch” is. We won’t even talk about all of the stuff on top of the hutch which I just set there for “a little while.” That is one really bad trait I inherited from my dad. “Just set… Read more >

Chronically Less Than Perfect

Even on that furthest of horizons, I’ll never forget the admonition: If you look hard enough, you’ll always find one more thing that could be done better.  Buried deep in an old movie, the hero commanding officer remains vigilant for the slightest imperfection. And in doing so, ignites the climax to an interwoven plot of desperation and solitude. As a bona fide member of the human race, flaws are in my DNA. That doesn’t mean every drill sergeant or dad hasn’t had a piece of me urging…or berating…I improve a wholly less than perfect effort. After enough decades on the planet, I’m here to tell you whoever said, “That’s good enough” had merit and rates high in my book as a satisfactory alternative to perfection. I recently rushed a writing… Read more >

The Drawer

The Drawer image

One thing leads to another in the morning. You decide to use the inkjet printer instead of the laser because you haven’t used the inkjet in a while and those cartridges tend to dry out. Let’s be honest, HP didn’t make cartridges to last. How many of you bought an HP printer which came with “starter cartridges?” You remember those things don’t you? Right about the time you finished printing the alignment page as part of the installation the “out of ink” dialogs start popping up. Fine, fine, honest and ethical company. Just gonna be one of those days it looks like. After printing one page, the yellow complains it is empty. Well, if I have more cartridges for this thing they are in the bottom of the printer stand…. Read more >

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