Monthly Archive: August 2017

That Wasn’t Compost

Traveling out of state to a client site is always an adventure for a consultant. Some say you have reached a new plateau in your career and or skill level when clients from far and wide are asking to bring you in for a project. If they are offering a decent billing rate, this is true. More often than not they are looking to find someone with absolutely no knowledge of how expensive it is to live in their area so they can get that person at well below the local rate. I routinely get calls from agencies wanting me to work in Orange County California for $40.00/hr. What most of the people they rope in don’t know is that $40.00/hr is just enough money to get by out there… Read more >

A Path Better Not Taken

Last week in preparing this blog, our communal lives underwent a reality check named Harvey. Forgotten for the moment was the controversy over rewriting our history and removing our statues. I’ll be the first to admit, the storm took much of the puffery from my personal sails and yet I’d still like to submit this missive for a future reading. I maintain making a smart choice or a stupid choice is not a mutually exclusive act. We often come within a hair’s breadth of falling on one side or the other of a decision. Sometimes it’s all in the presentation. Maybe this is why we buy tiny pieces of food for exorbitant prices in fancy restaurants and call ourselves sophisticated. The presentation, in this case, has to do with anger… Read more >

Review – The November Man

★★★★★ Far too many people pan this movie. It had a great script and good acting. Okay, so the shooting scenes weren’t a million plus round gore-fest and there were only a couple of naked women which were on screen for seconds. (Technically just topless.) That is no reason to diss this movie. I was shocked at just how well done it was. Those dissing the movie obviously didn’t pay attention to the story. The plot line and sub-stories in this film are on par with “Smiley’s People.” Before the current rash of “James Bond” movies with tons of stuff blowing up and even more nearly naked women, spy books and films used to always be about the subtlety. An operative who managed to raise a family their agency knew… Read more >

The Fart Stories – Chapter 5 – Sharing

One thing is certainly true when it comes to both farts and stories about farts, they are meant to be shared, just not always in the manner which first came to your mind. I have two stories about the very young son of a friend of mine. They happened several years apart but are best served together. Daddy Farted My friend is the kind of guy who got older without really growing up. Yes, he got married and raised a family, but he never really grew up. Oh, you all know someone like that so don’t roll your eyes, just keep that comment in mind as your read. He and his family were living somewhere up in Wisconsin when I went to visit them for a few days. His son… Read more >

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