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The Digital Divide

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I recently got around to reading an article in Time magazine which was ticking off major infrastructure projects the current administration needed to fund as part of its “Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Package.” Yes, they talked about bridges and sewers and lead water mains, but they also talked about Internet infrastructure. Within the article were some rather shocking statistics. Roughly one quarter of America has no access to broadband Internet. Roughly one third living in areas where broadband is available but their incomes are so low they cannot afford it. When you total it up that is somewhere near half of America which does not have broadband Internet. Yes, the one quarter number is geographic, not population based, but still, it’s a lot. Many of those communities are also poor. If… Read more >

Review: The Last Enemy

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This is one time when those Web shopping suggestions actually paid off for Barnes & Noble. Like most guys I don’t “shop.” I go to a Web site to buy exactly what I’m looking for. I’m not surfing around looking for suggestions, especially not on the Internet where nothing can be trusted. In this particular case I went to obtain every season of “Sherlock” on DVD. It is quite a phenomenal show which, thankfully, some PBS stations run so those who won’t pay for cable or satellite can still see great television. Masterpiece Theater really lived up to its name with this miniseries. I am so glad I bought it! I’m so glad I donated to WILL AM 580 this year and took as my thank you gift “The Complete… Read more >

Why Don’t We Have a Nuclear Engine?

Make no mistake, I’m not a fan of nuclear power. Honestly I’m not a fan of the criminal fraud which was used to sell it to us and the even greater outright crime of seizing perfectly good farmland under the “imminent domain” rules letting for profit corporations pay pennies for every hundred dollars of its real value. By criminal fraud I mean when I was in grade school we were given literature that “once they shook out the design” nuclear power plants would only need to change their fuel rods once every 30 years. I distinctly remember reading that in our “Weekly Reader” or whatever it was. That was the 1960s. It’s 2017 now and most people know “they” didn’t bother to shake out the design. “They” just kept cutting… Read more >


I have been dog, chicken, rabbit and turtle sitting while my brother and his family are on vacation. They aren’t that far away so keeping the place randomly occupied during the day and spending the night there in case evil doers happen by is not a big thing. Cat litter boxes are bad, but it is nothing compared to a rabbit. I take that back. At their worst, cat litter boxes are a breath of fresh air compared to the best day for a rabbit litter box. Chickens do not have the common sense God gave little green apples. They don’t even have the greed sense. We’ve been having some nasty storms this past week. With sheep and cattle, when the sky turns black with wind and rain, they head… Read more >

An Open Letter To My Congressman

Hi Steven It’s been a while since we talked. I’m sending this email because of HR 2997. This bill is a counterproductive piece of legislation that seeks to privatize an important function of the Federal Aviation Administration. In this case, the FAA is one of the few federal bureaucracies that actually works and does a good job for the citizenry. If enacted, a private entity would be created and dominated by the airlines and their employee groups to run the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system. The public, through Congress, would have no sway over this disastrous new contractor entity. In our ever-traveling society, the reversal of such a highly effective government service would prove catastrophic and squelch the aviation entrepreneur, needlessly encumber non-airline aviation, add taxes where they need not… Read more >

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