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Polar Bears Have New Food Source – Lawyers

Who knew that polar bears, those things nature channels make look so cuddly and cute, would actually turn out to be guardians of the human race? I mean seriously, they have went from snarfing down seals to walking into a camp site with way more than enough people to drive them off, only to attack the first lawyer they find. It’s too bad the tour was hosted by the Sierra Club because that pretty much rules out the ultimate in poetry. Think about it. What if it had been a lawyer for “big oil” fighting EPA regulations on the grounds that Global Warming does not exist? The symmetry would bring tears to ones eyes.

Are Woodies a Guy Thing?

1990 Jeep Wagoneer Ltd. image

After reading Ollie’s post about a love for woodies I had to ask, is the fascination with woodies a guy thing? Yes, I’m sure some of you took the headline and the opening sentence to a naughty place, but, I’m serious. I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for the fake woodgrain on a vehicle for a long time. My first love was the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Despite claims made by Ford, these were the original luxury SUV. When I was far too young to drive my mom had an aunt and uncle who owned a few of these things. They were kind of well off so they traded vehicles every couple of years even though what they traded in looked as new as what they were buying. I… Read more >

Surf City – Twenty First Century

Look. I know this may seem like heresy born of the seventies, but we’re just not supposed to love our cars. Or, for that matter, hate our cars. The eighties and nineties taught us the four wheel beast is nothing more than a clever assembly of metal, vinyl, rubber and other petroleum products. Sometimes, there’s even wood in our cars. Oh, man, take me back. The epitome of luxury and class, right? Before aluminum and chrome, most manufactures used wood, usually ash or spruce because of its strength and pliability. Howard Hughes even used spruce in airplanes. Remember the biggest airplane in the world, the Spruce Goose? The Morgan Motor Company in England still uses it. But it costs. Want wood in your new Porsche? Add two grand for some… Read more >

What is Wrong With WordPress Themes?

There are literally thousands of WordPress themes out there. Hundreds of people all trying to give you a “limited” free one to entice you into some $49/yr professional support contract for a better version of the same theme. The trouble is the free one generally sucks so you have little incentive to make a purchase. If the free one actually did everything you needed you would have even less incentive to make a purchase. Here are the main problems I’ve noticed over the past month searching for a theme which meets all of my needs: Most themes seem to get developed and tested on an Apple platform which makes them useless on all other platforms. It costs no money to install both Ubuntu and OpenSuSE in a VM and test… Read more >

How to Keep Your Stuff – Pt. 3

In previous installments we discussed how you must never mention the fact you can no longer have any clothes requiring hangers because every closet in the house is either filled with her clothes or stacked floor to ceiling with storage containers full of shoes. I stressed to you the importance of ugly metal clothes cabinets with locks, waders, and eventually extremely large gun safes. Now, we have to get to the real reasons behind this. Your stuff must be easily transportable. You are a guy so you are stupid. Nope, I don’t care about that P.h.d. in whatever you have. When you get challenged about that tiny little 6 square feet which is actually yours in your own home, you are going to lash out. You are going to forget… Read more >

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