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A Life Lesson

A few weeks ago, I penned a sentimental, even sophomoric  piece about a dog and the end of a personal era.  During the same general slice of life, we added a few former stray and abandoned cats, the mainstay’s of my daughter’s stable. She was off to subdue life’s next stubborn obstacle and we were left holding the fort and some pets. Rollo had been acquired a few years before the miniature burst in our household population. As a fully grown, set-in-his-ways alley cat, he dominated our new residents, and upon occasion settled squabbles. He also wandered, sometimes days at a time, yet always returning often with a new scar or someone else’s battle flag. He never conformed or confined himself for our support or time schedules often forcing us… Read more >

First Look at RCA Viking Pro 10

RCA Viking Pro 10 image

Working in the embedded systems world usually means needing new toys. Well, it doesn’t always mean it, but it sure is a nice excuse! This time it left handedly meant it. Current client wants me to get more involved in configuring development environments for employment and debugging. For those who don’t know what that means it is figuring out how to connect to the target, cross compile your application, deploy it, then remotely debug it so the developer never has to leave the comfort of their desktop machine except to touch something on the screen of the target once in a while to make the application do something. Ordinarily I’m the developer coming in after someone who likes to do that kind of thing has already done it and written… Read more >

Time to Prosecute the New York Times as Both a Russian and ISIS Agent

I know, we try not to write anything overtly political on this blog because it is our thoughts about writing and life itself. Sadly this is about writing. It is also about all of those posts both past and scheduled where I warn you about the pitfalls writers face. Somewhere someone will pay you to write something which is untrue or unethical and you will have forever sold both your writing credentials and your soul to the devil. We now have two shining examples of a newspaper which formerly had some level of journalistic integrity selling global security down the river to generate tabloid like sales from sensational headlines and to get all of the other news outlets to backlink to their article increasing on-line ad revenue. Make no mistake,… Read more >

The 100,000 Mile Thrill is Gone

In its never ending attempt to jamb more technology in a vehicle inflating the price exponentially automakers have shot themselves in the foot then watched the bullet ricochet off the pavement going through both tush cheeks. It’s a rather impressive feat of managerial ineptitude. When tech first started appearing in vehicles there was an air gap which was titanium clad. One CAN-BUS for the engine and other mechanics and another for the cabin. Never the twain shall meet. Now we routinely see stories of vehicles getting hacked and other nasty problems. Most Millenials probably can’t even relate to the phrase “rolling past 100,000 miles.” They’ve probably never seen an odometer which actually rolled. Sorry for the blur but camera on flip phone doesn’t like that extra layer of plastic there… Read more >

Why Don’t I Get Any Writing Done?

Some of you will consider this an extension of my April 16, 2017 post “For the Love of a Keyboard” and to some extent you would be correct, but only a very limited extent. There are two things I hear repeatedly from writers and want to be authors. I don’t have the time to write I can’t seem to get any writing done when I sit down to write Both of these are excuses worded in such a way as to avoid taking any blame for abject failure. Hey, it is culturally baked into us since the 1990s, the decade when humans stopped taking responsibility for everything. Doesn’t change the fact they are excuses for abject failure, just explains why you are making excuses. Let us take the first excuse…. Read more >

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