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Learn the Language

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Recently I received an email from what I assume is a Magic Jack phone wielding “consulting company.” Ordinarily I dismiss such poorly worded emails which don’t include a billing rate. The rates are always illegal alien wages and the “company” almost always wants you to invoice monthly giving them 45-90 day terms. That means the consultant is eating it for… Read more »

90 Days in Jail

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I was tempted to call this post Are All Apple Customers Assholes or Just the Ones Which Go To Restaurants? This happened again at lunch today. As a traveling consultant I eat out quite a bit. It is a hazard of the occupation. As such I’m constantly exposed to the largest assholes in the universe. I didn’t write this post… Read more »

Just How Inconsequential Amazon Really is to Book Sales

I’m writing this on December 14, 2016 but you will not see it for many months because I have posts stacked up in the queue. What sparked this post is a statement from an interview in Francine Silverman’s “Book Promotion Newsletter.” I’ve been getting this newsletter for many years. Like all things I receive on a regular basis, sometimes I… Read more »

Dark Mornings

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I’ll won’t forget the morning looking over the rim of sandy Chaco Canyon. “Oh, we’re so lucky to be here!” she said. I agreed and recalled looking around with wonder at red flat-topped mountains, distant green pines climbing high, and even Mt. Taylor far in the distance, its perfect conical shape, a fixture steeped in Navajo legend. Are anymore of… Read more »

For the Love of a Keyboard

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PS/2 Keyboard

I recently showed up with a band new gleaming white PS/2 tactile keyboard from some knock off maker. Like all of these mechanical keyboards it was a bit stiff to start with but now types rather awesome. I got a lot of “old school” ribbing and comments about my age, especially since the desktop unit I brought had an actual… Read more »