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Learn the Language

Recently I received an email from what I assume is a Magic Jack phone wielding “consulting company.” Ordinarily I dismiss such poorly worded emails which don’t include a billing rate. The rates are always illegal alien wages and the “company” almost always wants you to invoice monthly giving them 45-90 day terms. That means the consultant is eating it for roughly 4 months before there is even the tiniest hope of a pay check. Of course some of these Magic Jack phone wielding “consulting companies” have a habit of getting a new Magic Jack phone right about the time you are supposed to get paid leaving you looking for a collection agency which “might” be able to find them “if” they really were in America. Fun times. I know many… Read more >

90 Days in Jail

I was tempted to call this post Are All Apple Customers Assholes or Just the Ones Which Go To Restaurants? This happened again at lunch today. As a traveling consultant I eat out quite a bit. It is a hazard of the occupation. As such I’m constantly exposed to the largest assholes in the universe. I didn’t write this post until 7pm, more than 6 hours after lunch and I’m still honked off. I guess I should be thankful it was only one this time. We really need a Federal law. If you are recorded via cell phone video or police body camera (with sound) using a speaker phone in a restaurant you go directly to jail for 90 days. No lawyering up or paying some little fine. It would… Read more >

Just How Inconsequential Amazon Really is to Book Sales

I’m writing this on December 14, 2016 but you will not see it for many months because I have posts stacked up in the queue. What sparked this post is a statement from an interview in Francine Silverman’s “Book Promotion Newsletter.” I’ve been getting this newsletter for many years. Like all things I receive on a regular basis, sometimes I read it and sometimes I don’t. I generally don’t nuke it from my inbox until I’ve either skimmed it or it has sat there for a month or two. Yes, the article of interest was meant to enforce the concept of appearing on radio talk shows to market one’s book. If you have a good speaking voice, don’t stutter, aren’t prone to the occasional not-allowed-on-radio words and don’t get flustered… Read more >

Dark Mornings

I’ll won’t forget the morning looking over the rim of sandy Chaco Canyon. “Oh, we’re so lucky to be here!” she said. I agreed and recalled looking around with wonder at red flat-topped mountains, distant green pines climbing high, and even Mt. Taylor far in the distance, its perfect conical shape, a fixture steeped in Navajo legend. Are anymore of these wonderful mornings waiting for me in the future, or did this place of mystery and beauty mark the last. I watched her happily clap her hands and try to gather the morning into a memory. I didn’t tell her about another morning when I’d awakened to watch distant Lanai in new sunlight. The small island lay across a stretch of water with humpback whales cavorting somewhere beneath the surface…. Read more >

For the Love of a Keyboard

PS/2 Keyboard

I recently showed up with a band new gleaming white PS/2 tactile keyboard from some knock off maker. Like all of these mechanical keyboards it was a bit stiff to start with but now types rather awesome. I got a lot of “old school” ribbing and comments about my age, especially since the desktop unit I brought had an actual DVD and an LS-120 drive. No, the machine wasn’t ancient, it was my 6-core AMD with 24 Gig of RAM. Keyboard discussions kept coming up as one dude there kept trying to pawn off the only Microsoft hardware debacle larger than the Zune, the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard Some of you in the writing world will opt for an actual typewriter. Others will still use a pen for first draft. Most… Read more >

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