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How Much is “Enough” of a Story?

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Everyone involved in any part of writing, viewing or reading needs to consider this question. Just how much of a story is “enough?” This topic came up because of various books I’ve read and movies I’ve seen. The definition of “enough” seems to shrink in size faster than candy bars. We seem to have become a culture of doing less… Read more »

Mourning Coffee

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I’m not really sure how it happened, but I’m an Earl Grey with heavy bergamot kind of guy. Do you know the flavor? Sort of a fruity citrus. I’d always been a coffee type – Marine aviator, early morning black tar suitable only for chunks carved with your survival knife. The kind that stains even the hardest of porcelain or… Read more »

Set Up

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I actually enjoyed this movie. Of course it is hard for a guy not to like a movie featuring a classic Pontiac GTO which looked rather stunning. Even though they had big name actors it appears they didn’t have the capacity to fix an annoying problem with vehicles of that era – the slow roll hot start problem. Most of… Read more »

The Waiting Time

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I must say, this movie turned out to be surprisingly good. No, it’s not James Bond with beautiful women and lots of stuff blowing up, this is more along the lines of “Smiley’s People” with just a touch more action. It is more about the trade craft along with multiple story lines about things past which intertwine in the present…. Read more »

How Does the Human Race Wipe Itself Out? (Part 7)

In times of old we had leper colonies, plague ships and the marked house. In truth quarantine is a valid medical tactic. Sadly it is also a great way to ensure only those selected for elimination actually die. If you think such things as these cannot exist today, read up on the Ebola outbreak. Today’s leaders have to sell a… Read more »