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How Does the Human Race Wipe Itself Out? (Part 4)

Most of you won’t be able to take a mirror human history/culture/religion approach like “Planet of the Apes” did. Starting after an extinction level event then explaining what lead up to it by showing a different species go down the same path is a difficult thing. You can dis science fiction all you want but a circular time line is… Read more »

Review of “A Dangerous Element” by Gregory S. Lamb

This is an over-all enjoyable book. I struggled a bit in the beginning with the alphabet soup of acronyms. Thankfully there is a glossary in the back. This is a military espionage book which is different from a general espionage work in that it assumes a certain level of knowledge or at least familiarity with the military in general. When… Read more »

How Does the Human Race Wipe Itself Out? (Part 3)

Once you have created all of your cannon fodder in a format which works for you (electronic, paper, index cards, etc.) it is time for you to think about how to expose it in your story. Will your story begin before, during or after the extinction level event? Is it central to the story or does the event just have… Read more »

Time and Tide Wait For No Man…to grow up

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Do not remember the sins of my youth, but remember me – Psalm 25:7 ………….. Jake waved to the bartender he’d known for the better part of two decades. “Hey, hon,” Margie said “Same?” “You bet,” Jake said, and shed his coat. A man shooting pool looked up and nodded. No pool tonight, especially after you got me for ten bucks and… Read more »

Lesedi – The Greatest Lie Ever Told

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Lesedi book cover

I sat on this novella a while, but I finally released it. Considering how big a role the Statue of Liberty plays in the underlying story I really couldn’t justify waiting to roll it into a bound trilogy which probably would take me years to get out. SmashWords should be done chewing on the title soon and it should get… Read more »