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How Does the Human Race Wipe Itself Out? (Part 4)

Most of you won’t be able to take a mirror human history/culture/religion approach like “Planet of the Apes” did. Starting after an extinction level event then explaining what lead up to it by showing a different species go down the same path is a difficult thing. You can dis science fiction all you want but a circular time line is incredibly difficult to pull off. I’ve been kicking around trying to create what I call an “interlocking” trilogy for some time. Interlocking may even be an incorrect term. Basically the first book is the center of the story detailing the “event” up close. The second book starts before and continues after “the event” with a different set of characters who put in motion what happened. The final book, once again… Read more >

Review of “A Dangerous Element” by Gregory S. Lamb

This is an over-all enjoyable book. I struggled a bit in the beginning with the alphabet soup of acronyms. Thankfully there is a glossary in the back. This is a military espionage book which is different from a general espionage work in that it assumes a certain level of knowledge or at least familiarity with the military in general. When one is writing this type of work there is simply no way to avoid jargon and acronyms. That would be like picking up an advanced level computer programming book expecting not to find “all those computer terms” inside. I actually had to wait to review this book. I loaned it to my father, who had been in the Navy and doesn’t read a lot of books while he was recovering… Read more >

How Does the Human Race Wipe Itself Out? (Part 3)

Once you have created all of your cannon fodder in a format which works for you (electronic, paper, index cards, etc.) it is time for you to think about how to expose it in your story. Will your story begin before, during or after the extinction level event? Is it central to the story or does the event just have a role to play? These aren’t minor questions and you alone can answer them. Do not ask for advice on this from friends, family or, most importantly, other writers. Answering of this question makes it _your_ story. Taking the answer provided by another makes it _their_ story even if you write it because it is where _they_ would start. Their answer generally comes with a why along with the where… Read more >

Time and Tide Wait For No Man…to grow up

Do not remember the sins of my youth, but remember me – Psalm 25:7 ………….. Jake waved to the bartender he’d known for the better part of two decades. “Hey, hon,” Margie said “Same?” “You bet,” Jake said, and shed his coat. A man shooting pool looked up and nodded. No pool tonight, especially after you got me for ten bucks and an argument at home. The owner set the Bud and ice water in front of Jake. “You look a little down. Rough day?” He shrugged. “Ah, high school reunion last week.” “You were telling me. Have fun?” “All I can say is thank goodness, everyone didn’t show up. The get-together was fun, but the crap I pulled back then shouldn’t be on my rap sheet today.” He looked up. “I’m… Read more >

Lesedi – The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Lesedi book cover

I sat on this novella a while, but I finally released it. Considering how big a role the Statue of Liberty plays in the underlying story I really couldn’t justify waiting to roll it into a bound trilogy which probably would take me years to get out. SmashWords should be done chewing on the title soon and it should get pushed out to all of the regular places, sans To be successful in life one must never do business with Amazon as either a buyer or a seller. The book also has its own Web site which you can find here. It’s a really odd kind of thing to have written a non-released novella during the 2014 NaNoWriMo contest only to see the current situation in America. Lesedi himself,… Read more >

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