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Tate Publishing Closes It’s Doors

Came across this article about Tate Publishing closing its doors and quite frankly was shocked. What shocked me was the implication they were a vanity publisher or not exactly a publisher. Here are some quotes which made me believe that. Mary Detweiler, an author from southeastern Pennsylvania, has published four books with Tate at a total cost of just under $12,000. Lightning Source, on-demand producer of print and digital media based in Tennessee, is also suing Tate Publishing for nearly $2 million in money owed, This is what I’ve suspected about a great many of the “publishers” which have surfaced in recent years. Basically repackaging Lightning Source or some other major POD player’s services. I’m rather shocked LS let them do things on account. Successful printing companies get paid in… Read more >

Another Doctor Falls

A friend sent me a link today announcing that Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat will both be leaving “Dr. Who” in 2017. I really fear for the life of the show with Mr. Moffat leaving, but, there is only so much of a person to go around. Eight years is a long time to balance the insanity while keeping track of the story. Because of him we got Amy Pond, River Song, Clara Oswald and Dr. Donna. Because of him we also got “Blink.” Yes, I know “Dr. Who” rebooted before David Tennant started playing the Doctor, but honestly, does anyone even remember what came before? The show really _felt_ more ensemble starting with him. We got lots of other characters to love/hate _and_ we got to know more about… Read more >


This idea hit me while I was buying a mega zillionaire ticket around lunch time. Got joking around with the young girl behind the counter about how winning would be a bad thing since the State of Illinois would never get around to actually paying the debt. Our current elected corruptions, especially the one in the governors office, would find some way to keep that money all to themselves. The it hit me Rich-ish A short run fake-reality television show about an Illinois resident so unlucky they hit they multi-state lottery. The opening scene montage will go from a picture perfect family in suburbia with their 4+ bedroom home, to a shuttered factory, to a spousal argument, to a for sale sign on the house and a judges gavel in… Read more >

Authors Need to Write About CRISPR Now!

Works of fiction and facts of history have long been absorbed by both lunatics and cultures attempting to create “the perfect” of a species. It is a topic which seems to drive the most unstable of creatures into positions of power so they can attempt their dream of a perfect species. I’m sure there are examples going much farther back than my little list here, but let us start with a few television show episodes and movies. Twilight Zone “Number 12 Looks Just Like You” This is my earliest memory of watching something about creating a perfect race. It was a black and white episode where at 19 children had to choose one of the model numbers, undergo an operation which would basically give them a new body which could… Read more >

Two Days in January – Ode to a New Writer

I try not to let silly, and false adoration cloud my judgement, or my day. Last weekend in Dallas, I signed my 2015 novel, Levant Mirage. A scary piece written in our geopolitical future, I explained the underlying story-the elevator speech to several Texans stopping by the Barnes & Noble. “Oh,” one said. “Where do you come up with those ideas?” Of course, I have an answer for that too, although I rarely admit the real story. You see, for a lot of years, I worked the dark side of law enforcement, the bright side of counterterrorism, and the inside of our space agency. It’s hard to break those old habits. During long days and nights, I wrote books, lots of stories and of late, this blog. On the morning… Read more >

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