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Think Twice Before Driving Through Illinois in 2017

Much of the this content came from an Illinois State Police release. I will quote it in this post so you can adjust your travel plans accordingly. This is _exactly_ why I and everybody else should be against states rights. If we as a nation want to encourage nationwide touring then the rules of the road need to be the… Read more »

George Michael Left Us

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You are going along on your Christmas Holiday then WHAM! George Michael dies. Don’t worry, I’m sure that tasteless joke is flooding the Internet. If you don’t get it you aren’t old enough. Are all “journalists” today 20-something script-kiddies? I went to several “news” sites and they present an extremely sanitized version of his life and accomplishments. They are all… Read more »

Snow Plog

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I sat, not exactly dejected but feeling just a bit lonely. My youngest offspring danced from foot to foot. The bus door opened and without so much as a how-do-you-do, my novel disappeared in the big yellow cheese. At least the bus driver – my editor offered a wave as the impatient diesel chuffed smoke. Camelot Games disappeared into the… Read more »

Goodbye Zsa Zsa

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There will be many posts and news articles over the next few days with laments for Zsa Zsa. While her antics may seem timid by today’s standards, she was groundbreaking. Actually, both her and her sister Eva were groundbreaking, I was just a bit young at the time. You twenty somethings won’t understand this, the word “gay” didn’t really exist… Read more »