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The Brown Coat Nation Morns Today

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This morning I was driving to visit my father and turned on NPR. I was shocked when they announced Ron Glass had passed away. He wasn’t that old. Most of the news stories talk of his work on Barney Miller. Make no mistake, that work was good. Thankfully there are quite a few oldies channels re-running shows from the 70s… Read more »

Forever Isn’t as Long as It Used to be

Early in my career I worked as a midnight computer operator for AirFone, Inc. I was there right at the time they started up the RailFone and through the financial troubles which resulted in them becoming GTE AirFone in 1986. Of course, you all know that GTE eventually was consumed by Verizon (NYSE:VZ) and more recently was purchased by JetBlue… Read more »

Always Have Been, Always Will Be

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Tired of hearing about others being thankful for this and that? Can’t say I blame you. Hearing everyone talk about their possessions or family or health gives me an itch somewhere down south, I can’t scratch. I watched the news (wanted to say evening news, but as we all know that kind of reliable news died) of people demonstrating in… Read more »

Perpetual vs. Flash Marketing Pt. 3

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One thing which doesn’t cease to amaze me is the email marketing a person gets when they decide to write a novel. Maybe it is because we tend to go into groups for writers and ask a few questions? Maybe they just have some direct link into government thought monitoring? Whatever the case you get spammed. Much of this spam… Read more »

The Theory of Everything

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Over the course of this weekend I tried to watch “The Theory of Everything.”  I must stress that I tried to watch it. When it got to the part with Stephen Hawking sprawled out on the stairs looking up at his child behind the stair blocker I had to turn it off. I realize the writers and producers were trying… Read more »