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Hey. Did You Miss This?

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Fortune Magazine reported that Barnes and Noble’s ol’ Brick and Mortar store (the kind you walk into instead of where your fingers do the shopping) actually saved their most recent fiscal quarter. Instead of skyrocketing online and electronic books, sales fell more than twelve percent and paper books held on.  Who woulda thunk? Quit crowing paper-aficionado’s, because there’s another way… Read more »

The Free Labor Economy Pt. 3

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I can already here some of you asking “but didn’t you tell us to post in places to build our platform in earlier posts?” To that question I am forced to respond “Did you actually read the post or just skim?” There is a distinct difference between going to specific Usenet newsgroups on subjects about your book(s) for a couple… Read more »

The Free Labor Economy Pt. 2

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There are a myriad of myths and outright lies in the writing world all designed to get you to work for free. Most of you, myself included, will fall into at least one of those traps. We discussed some of them in the first part of this article. Now let us take on the one which gets abused the most…. Read more »

The Last Watermelon

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The phrase the last watermelon reminds me somehow of my daughter’s rhythmic obsession with the old version of the movie, “The Last Unicorn.” Maybe the recollection is from theme song’s phraseology or melody, I’ll never know, but she’s grown now and part of our military. Perhaps that’s why the whole idea of the last unicorn, or in this case, watermelon… Read more »

The Free Labor Economy Pt. 1

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There are many political aspects to this conversation topic, but for this post I’m only going to cover the free labor economy and how you as a writer get victimized by it. Most of you aren’t even aware you have been victimized or you have been condition to accept such things as “the way it is.” Yes, there are many… Read more »