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The Rewatchable Factor Pt 2

Too many of us are taught the wrong things as writers. Either we pay obscene amounts of money to a college to get a degree in writing and learn the wrong things or we observe the current media landscape and learn the wrong thing. We currently have a global instant gratification everything is disposable culture and that culture has seeped into the world of writing. How many of you have one of those worthless iPhone things? Yes, I said worthless and I meant it. Those things are physically impossible to secure which is why Apple had to put such difficult to crack encryption on them. Apple realized the $2 padlock wasn’t going to keep a criminal out so they opted for the cheaper and easier Roman tactic of poisoning the… Read more >

The Rewatchable Factor Pt 1

By and large we are conditioned by the film industry to believe only things with massive budgets are worth watching. I will be the first to admit such films have a high rewatchable factor. This would be the reason FX glommed onto the Marvel comic book movies and some other channels glommed onto the Harry Potter films. There is an oddity in this juxtaposition. Ordinarily big budget movies have a high rewatchable factor for the exact same reason critics dump on them. Lots of stuff blowing up and hard bodied action heroes with incredible fight scenes. Yet the Harry Potter films have almost none of that and they have a high rewatchable factor. They will be on various family oriented channels for decades to come. Before Bruce Lee showed up… Read more >

Do You Love It Enough to Leave It?

This post may seem somewhat contradictory to my “Control Your First Impression” post, but it is not. As a writer you will, if successful, face a duality. At some point you will be faced with having to walk away from one of your children. That point may come too soon in its life or it may come too late. My father used to like “Shark Tank.”  I was never a fan of the show, but he liked it and I was spending time with him so I watched it with him. My main issue with the show, given the few episodes I watched, was that everyone seemed intent on making the cheapest piece of doo-doo possible for a Wal-Mart shelf. I really got upset when “Mr. Personality” said products made… Read more >

Devine Medium (Part Two)

Not What to Write Not to Whom You Write But How Your Readers Will Read What You Write “Hey, Jason. Did you read The Jealous Kind? It’s James Lee Burke’s new book.” “Oh yeah, dude. Loved it. That Will Patton is the best.” “Uh, Will who? This is Burke’s new book.” “Right. Read it driving to Atlanta. Narrator’s Will Patton.” “Listening’s not reading.” “What’s the difference?” Last week we talked not what to write; or to whom you should write (there’s plenty of that on the Internet already); but how you should prepare your manuscript for your readers. Hard cover, soft cover, eBook, or audio. Different medium means a different nuance on the same manuscript. Don’t believe me? Crosscheck some major publishing goofs with their paper, audio, or eBook counterparts…. Read more >

Do You Sanitize History or Let the Chips Fall

Over the Labor Day weekend PBS ran a Downton Abbey marathon and, of course, a pledge drive. During one of the interruptions people were commenting on how the show strode for accuracy of the period in dress, manner and character. There are any number of groups who might well have slurred the show for reminding everyone women didn’t always have rights and other such things, but the show aired here on PBS where viewers are a bit more thoughtful and it made that struggle for rights a major focus of its first season. “Downton Abbey” truly is an example of what PBS was meant to be. Do you as a writer strive for such a level of accuracy or do you gloss over the uglier parts? Are you willing to… Read more >

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