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A Past Recalled

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I went on an Internet snipe hunt this morning, reading other people’s impression of reunions. I’ve recently attended a couple of my own, so if you’ve gone to one lately, have you noticed the ranks thinned a bit? Did you also see that those who did leave us to fend for ourselves on this Earth are now canonized? I’m okay… Read more »

Challenge Your Beliefs – Pt 9 – Marketing Pt 2

Please read parts 7 and 8 before reading this. In the first section on marketing I told you how best to use Usenet Newsgroups for research and to obtain reviews. I even mentioned something called a SIG. You need to have a SIG set up for whatever method you use to post and yes, you must post. In your SIG… Read more »

Challenge Your Beliefs – Pt 8 – Usenet Pt 2

Please read part 7 before reading this. Last time I tried to stress the use of Usenet Newsgroups for both research and marketing. They are quite possibly your best source of both finding obscure information and obtaining potential reviewers/customers. There are also some things the naive need to be aware of. By and large Usenet is still a text only… Read more »

The Search for a Worthwhile Hydrant

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Living on a farm exposes one to opportunities for enrichment city folk just don’t get. This past Thursday I got to help my brother replace three hydrants across two different farms. These are barnyard hydrants, not those things firemen use in the city. By help I mean he stayed above ground operating the backhoe and handing things while I was… Read more »

False Illusion

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Admittedly I’m way behind reading Time magazine. I’ve developed a habit where I only read a magazine if someone else is driving or I’m in the bathroom. (I know, that last part was a bit too much information.) A couple of days ago I read some article about the presidential race and they quoted some political mucky muck making the… Read more »