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A Past Recalled

I went on an Internet snipe hunt this morning, reading other people’s impression of reunions. I’ve recently attended a couple of my own, so if you’ve gone to one lately, have you noticed the ranks thinned a bit? Did you also see that those who did leave us to fend for ourselves on this Earth are now canonized? I’m okay with sainthood, even for the people that probably don’t deserve it, but then again, what do I know? Recently, I met with a couple of hundred guys from my checkered past. For a brief time, we shared an unpopular war and were consequently, unpopular warriors. Didn’t matter much to us then, and we claim it still doesn’t now, but I’m not so sure. At the time, we only wanted to… Read more >

Challenge Your Beliefs – Pt 9 – Marketing Pt 2

Please read parts 7 and 8 before reading this. In the first section on marketing I told you how best to use Usenet Newsgroups for research and to obtain reviews. I even mentioned something called a SIG. You need to have a SIG set up for whatever method you use to post and yes, you must post. In your SIG you need to have at least a link to the Web site you created for your book. Don’t have a Web site yet? Get one. There are many services out there where you can set up a WordPress site using an “author template.” All you really need is a cover image and working title. It will be good enough for now. Be sure to add some description about the book,… Read more >

Challenge Your Beliefs – Pt 8 – Usenet Pt 2

Please read part 7 before reading this. Last time I tried to stress the use of Usenet Newsgroups for both research and marketing. They are quite possibly your best source of both finding obscure information and obtaining potential reviewers/customers. There are also some things the naive need to be aware of. By and large Usenet is still a text only communication system. Yes you will see some hosting services advertising they host binary groups, but unless something has drastically changed those binary groups aren’t like a Web page with cool graphics, programs and sounds. You will most likely find messages in there starting with something like this: mode>, <decode_pathname> and ending with something like this: “====\n” In between you will find a massive block of seemingly ugly random text with… Read more >

The Search for a Worthwhile Hydrant

Living on a farm exposes one to opportunities for enrichment city folk just don’t get. This past Thursday I got to help my brother replace three hydrants across two different farms. These are barnyard hydrants, not those things firemen use in the city. By help I mean he stayed above ground operating the backhoe and handing things while I was mud puppy in the bottom of the pit. That pair of jeans and T-shirt are _still_ outside waiting for rain to wash the thickest of the crud off them, and we’ve been getting rain most every day since. It used to be, once you put a hydrant in, the thing lasted the bulk of your life. Two of the three we replaced were put in with the new well, just… Read more >

False Illusion

Admittedly I’m way behind reading Time magazine. I’ve developed a habit where I only read a magazine if someone else is driving or I’m in the bathroom. (I know, that last part was a bit too much information.) A couple of days ago I read some article about the presidential race and they quoted some political mucky muck making the claim something was a “false illusion.” Now there is a good reason to never give a taped or live interview! Most of you are writers or at least trying to be writers at some level, so you read this blog. Let the title of this post serve as fair warning, multiple rounds of professional editing are mandatory. When you read other people’s stuff, especially quotes from live conversation you are… Read more >

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