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Challenge Your Beliefs – Pt. 5 – Failure is Success Waiting to Happen

There have been quite a few news stories over the past year. Mainly interviews with billionaires who have taken the Warren Buffet pledge. They focus on the differences between MBAs and Entrepreneurs. An MBA is a short sighted creature, dim of wit and, with the help of good glasses, can see as far as the end of the current quarter. They are looking to invest in a single thing which must contribute to the bottom line before the end of the quarter in which it starts. While they pay lip service to 5 year plans, those plans aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. None of them could conceive building something which will last let alone trying to position a company for a good 30+ year run. An Entrepreneur… Read more >

Organization Guts

  Seems like a life time ago when a reviewer told me he felt lost in one of my mystery stories, that it took him too long to gain traction again as the story played out. He eased the critique with a compliment and a recommendation to his readers. That’s always nice, but I know a spoonfull of sugar helps the medicine go down. I gave a great deal of thought to the issue and of course, avowed not to lose my spontaneity or creativeness by over-organizing … read that as sweating over an outline; planning and maintaining my theme, characters, plot, and scenes; devolving the evolving the storyline; and all those other things creative writing class once insisted upon eons ago. After all, aren’t the steps in a novel’s… Read more >

Challenge Your Beliefs – Pt. 5a

Your greatest tool as a writer is the ability to seek out the odd and absurd. Great stories don’t come from an ordinary life, but the extraordinary things that happen yet seem like nothing at the time. This weekend a combination of that “toe tucking” commercial and someone’s comment had me surfing the Web. Don’t ask why, something clicked. It sent the dangerous part of my mind crawling and oddity it did find. A short article from Consumer Reports had a comment which should have investors quaking in their boots. Here is a quote from the end of the article. The good news is that an inexpensive remedy might already be in most people’s medicine cabinets. Small studies suggest that the medicated chest rub, such as Vaporub, might knock out… Read more >

Challenge Your Beliefs – Pt. 4 – The Water Powered Car

Ah, you saw that title and instantly thought of people wearing Armadillo hats and putting tin foil in the roof of their vehicles/homes “to keep the spy signals out” didn’t you? Admit it. Culturally we’ve been conditioned to associate that topic with such people. Heck, it was even on an episode of the X-Files. I won’t go into the conspiracy theories of who is behind that conditioning. As always, just follow the money. I need to take this moment to point out you thought the exact same thing about the government monitoring your phone calls and tracking all of your personal data. It was just “those people” who believed such things, then came Edward Snowden. Things are only impossible until they are done and the evidence is presented. In the… Read more >

Flaws Can Pull Audience In

This is really a follow up post to the Leviathan post. After most of you read that post you probably wondered why I watched the entire thing. Basically, it had some issues. Yes the town and buildings looked like the run down things we all expect to see in Russian coastal towns which aren’t showpieces for “the Party,” but some things just seemed wrong. Early in the movie when the property owner came out and started his beater SUV it “looked” like a Ford product and sounded American. He got in on the right side too. That started me wondering if this was actually filmed in Oregon or Washington. Then I started thinking that if Russians drive on the right side of the road we really have more in common… Read more >

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