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Rewrite and Perfect, Rewrite and Perfect

James Clear, a social and cultural Internet anthropologist, although I don’t think he calls himself that recently wrote about the source of creativity and its connection with hard work. We’ve all seen the soccer player levitated as if on a magician’s stage, take a backward kick sending the ball precisely into the net with only the briefest of rearward glances. We can even hear our mothers say, practice makes perfect yet how many of us really let that gem guide our creative life. Clear said the average college student learns an idea once, while the best students re-learn over and over. He also speaks of the ten-thousand-hour rule – to become expert in an endeavor one needs to devote that many hours to the discipline’s practice. (I’ll do the math… Read more >

More Movies for You

Alien Tracker Had high hopes for this one. Sadly this had almost a 1970s feel to it even though it was made in 2001. If one is thumbing through channels in a hotel room, this is worth a watch. Otherwise, you may wish to pass unless you are an IT geek who watches a lot of syfy. Last Vegas  If you haven’t seen it, put it on your list. It is an enjoyable afternoon. Transcendence Really weird movie. I liked the concept. I mean exploring the potential of being able to “back up” a person’s consciousness and personality is a worthy pursuit of science fiction. Exploring the morality, ethics, and potential tragedies associated with attempting to archive and let survive within a computer our concept of a non-physical human is… Read more >

The Software I Miss the Most

It was with a heavy sigh that I read this post. Lotus Smart Suite was and still is the best office suite ever created. I’ve used just about everything during my 30+ year IT career. This package was so far ahead of the curve it boggles the mind. Recently some good people at Libre Office have taken up the bug reports about tabbed document sections. I was searching for places where they could still get Smart Suite 9.8 for testing. As the image above shows I was able to install Smart Suite and run Word Pro under wine on Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit. Notice the tabs at the top. The “Main Document” tab (name given by me) actually expands to include the “Section 1” tab. The tabs “Another Division” and “Research… Read more >

In Retrospect

Life’s choices are tough. The aftermath of even a little decision one can linger a long time. My two daughters wanted a kitten. I thought and weighed the consequences, knowing that I’d transfer cities if the new job offer came through. And, of course care and feeding would eventually fall to me. How could a tiny kitten be trouble? The nice lady with the  litter convinced me two were no more bother than one; and besides didn’t everyone go to school or work and leave an empty house? Bored kitties were naughty kitties, she reminded me. Okay, what about no kitties? All right, two. Before the first winter had its back broken by the spring thaw, a fox snuck through an open garage window and one kitten vanished in a… Read more >

Show Don’t Tell

You’ve all heard that trope before. Many, many times before. Yes, it’s a trope. It’s a glad handed politician that will forget you exist as soon as they get elected. Like all tropes, it has a place, just not the place it has been given. Why has it been given such a prominent place in the field of writing? Quite frankly, so colleges could sell you a creative writing class. Think honestly and analytically about it for a moment. How can anyone teach you to be creative? They can’t. What they can do is use a few tools from a toolbox repeatedly. Show don’t tell is the hammer and with it they can turn every question their students ask into a nail. Writers fresh to the field, regardless of age,… Read more >

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