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Rewrite and Perfect, Rewrite and Perfect

James Clear, a social and cultural Internet anthropologist, although I don’t think he calls himself that recently wrote about the source of creativity and its connection with hard work. We’ve all seen the soccer player levitated as if on a magician’s stage, take a backward kick sending the ball precisely into the net with only the briefest of rearward glances…. Read more »

More Movies for You

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Alien Tracker Had high hopes for this one. Sadly this had almost a 1970s feel to it even though it was made in 2001. If one is thumbing through channels in a hotel room, this is worth a watch. Otherwise, you may wish to pass unless you are an IT geek who watches a lot of syfy. Last Vegas  If… Read more »

The Software I Miss the Most

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It was with a heavy sigh that I read this post. Lotus Smart Suite was and still is the best office suite ever created. I’ve used just about everything during my 30+ year IT career. This package was so far ahead of the curve it boggles the mind. Recently some good people at Libre Office have taken up the bug… Read more »

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In Retrospect Life’s choices are tough. The aftermath of even a little decision one can linger a long time. My two daughters wanted a kitten. I thought and weighed the consequences, knowing that I’d transfer cities if the new job offer came through. And, of course care and feeding would eventually fall to me. How could a tiny kitten be… Read more »