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Get the Format Right!

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Since some of my compatriots on here have been talking about reviews, and I’ve been posting some thoughts on DVDs, I thought I should point out the one thing which almost certainly ensures an “empty the colon” review. The wrong format. Before you even think about releasing a version of your work for review get the format right. I have… Read more »

I Write. Therefore, I Review.

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Why yes, I write books. Did you fail to notice the patches on the elbows of my tweed jacket, and the vacant, yet meaningful gaze? Nah. That ain’t me. I’m the guy in the trenches, always learning and testing, and re-learning my craft; ever on the look out for a clever turn of phrase; and always marketing my work and… Read more »

How Much is Too Much?

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Over the decades we have had books which pushed the dark boundaries. I’m not talking about satanic or twisted sexual rituals, I’m talking about the dark arts of taking human life and exposing corruption. Unless you are only going to write warm fuzzy stories about a boy and his dog or quaint little romance novels, you are going to face… Read more »

A Little Indie Here, A Little Indie There

Dear Readers, Last fall, Pearl River Publishing Group offered Levant Mirage as its inaugural offering. The book joined Marsh Island and Blind Marsh on the shelves by this author. Along for the ride were the works of Greg Lamb, Jeff Mays, Frank Wilem, and Roland Hughes with a tour of military bases, local bookstores and libraries all along the five… Read more »

Re-read – Review: “Dove” by Robin Lee Graham

I rarely read anything twice – If I am interested in a piece of fiction or a non-fiction work, I’ll take my time while reading so I can deeply digest and reflect on what I read. While engaging in a writing project with the theme “Wind and Water”, a spark of nostalgia hit me that inspired me to re-read Dove,… Read more »